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Dear Volunteers,

I hope this newsletter finds you all having a nice summer. This sure has been a different year for all of us. We have been able to be back in schools putting on our themed programs this summer. We take a break in August doing programs since most schools are just starting back in with their VPK classes and are busy getting settled in. In September we will return to doing our programs unless COVID remains an issue. We are recruiting new volunteers for this coming year. If you know of anyone that might be interested have them contact me. We need reading volunteers and literacy program volunteers. In this newsletter will be the dates and info for our upcoming trainings and the dates for our first volunteer meetings of the school year. I hope you will really try to make one of the meetings. I am excited about two new science themed programs we will be debuting this year. We have created a program about AIR and one about THE FIVE SENSES. When we start doing programs again an email will be sent out with dates that we need help with. Thanks for all you do!


ELC Early Literacy Coordinator
Reading Pals
Current Reading Pals please check in with us & let us know if you're going to continue reading again this year. If you no longer want to read or you just need a change in your reading assignment please let us know. Our lending libraries have so many resources that are available for you to check out & use. We have books, theme packets, big books, props & SO much more!
Education Spot
Using props in the classroom-

The use of props during story time can turn any story into an adventure! When we use props while sharing a story this helps bring the story to life! Children love being special helpers & using the props. Props can also be used to encourage good behavior while listening to a story. ELC has a variety of props that you can use during story time.
Summer Program Highlights
The Science of Bubbles

During the summer the ELC outreach team created and put on a new program called “The Science of Bubbles” The kids learned about what makes a bubble through a wonderful book called POP! A Book About Bubbles by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. They then had some outside fun making bubble print pictures, blowing bubbles with paint added to create a gorgeous mural creation, enjoying bubble blowing free play and making ping pong ball blowing art. Each class received a bag with books relating to bubbles and resources to teach the program. 
Exploring the Ocean
Exploring the Ocean program was another program put on this summer by the ELC team of staff and volunteers. Kids learned so many fun and interesting facts about the ocean and all the many creatures that live in it. Like, did you know that an octopus has 9 brains? They have one on each tentacle and one in their head. They also have blue blood and three hearts. The kids enjoyed making their own ocean in a bottle, painting sea shells creatures, making sand necklaces and having hands on fun with shells and sand.
ELC YouTube Page
ELCNF has their very own YouTube page...make sure to check it out often! We always have new things being added to our page!

Click the link below to see one of our You Tube page videos of Susan's spotlight :)

Volunteer Spotlight
Sandy Duelks She is a volunteer who lives in St. Augustine. She has been volunteering with the ELCNF for almost 10 years. She helps in the office on special projects, she helps at events and is very active helping with our themed literacy programs as a helper. She is married to her husband Jack and has a dog named Sophie…no children. She is involved in the community in many ways. She is currently sewing around 100 stockings which will be given away at the holiday’s to families involved with the homeless coalition of St. Augustine. She has delivered meals on wheels for many years, was a member of the Kiwanis Club of St. Augustine. Sandy is such a wonderful caring person and the ELCNF is so fortunate to have her volunteering for us. Thanks for all you do!
Upcoming Events

New Volunteer Training Dates: 

Thursday, August 19th 1:00 pm
ELCNF Clay county office 3620 Peoria Rd Orange Park

Tuesday, August 31st – 1:00 pm
ELCNF St. Augustine 2450 Old Moultrie Road, ste 103

Thursday, September 2nd 10:30 am.
ELCNF Palatka office 3841 Reid street
Quarterly Volunteer Meetings:

Tuesday, September 2nd 12:30 pm – Putnam County ELCNF Palatka office 3841 Reid Street in Palatka

Tuesday, September 14th 1:00pm St. Augustine
Main Library 1960 N Ponce De Leon Blvd

Thursday, September 21st – 1:00 pm Clay County Fleming Island Library conference room
1895 Town Center Blvd

Hope to see you there!
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ELCNF Administrative Office:
2450 Old Moultrie Road, Ste. 103
St. Augustine, FL 32086