VOM Korea sent a total of 22,847 Bibles to North Korea in 2020! This is in addition to the daily airing of 5 shortwave and medium wave radio broadcasts into North Korea.

SK government launch bans and Coronavirus travel restrictions had less of an impact on NK Bible distribution than you might think.

Click on the link to read the rest of the story as well as a testimony from a North Korean who recently received one of our Bible audio players.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley

During a recent Underground University Russia (UUR) training for Russian-speaking pastors, we learned that one of the attendees was from Pastor Bakhrom Kolmatov's church in Tajikistan.

Pastor Bakhrom, whose story is featured in VOMK's January newsletter issue, was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison in 2017, following a government raid on one of the churches he pastored. He was charged with having "extremist views" that incited religious hatred.

In December 2019, Pastor Bakhrom was unexpectedly released early and was able to return to his family.

Three Christian boys from Narowal, a city in the northeast of the Punjab province of Pakistan, were accused of blasphemy after allegedly burning pages of the Quran, the Islamic holy book, on Christmas Eve.

One of the three boys was taken into police custody, where he was beaten by the police. The other two boys were eventually handed over to the police and all three boys have now been released on bail, awaiting trial.

This month, VOMK's Families of Martyrs and Prisoners Fund (FOM/FOP) will be used for the defense of the three boys, in partnership with Ezra Law Associates.

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Pray for the expansion of our domestic ministries – Throughout 2020, the Lord has been opening up new opportunities throughout South Korea for North Korean ministry. Our UU students have traveled all over Korea meeting other North Koreans in need of hearing the gospel. In 2021, we plan on starting a new UU/UT program outside of Seoul. Please pray for this new program and for the new North Koreans who will attend!  

Pray for the salvation of North Korean defector Mrs. Seok’s second son - Mrs. Seok’s first son was an underground Christian in North Korea who tragically passed away while defecting. Now Mrs. Seok and her other children are in South Korea. Even though Mrs. Seok tries to get her second son to believe, he will not listen to his mother. Please pray for his salvation.