Happy Election Day!

Thanks for your support. The short video above shares why I think it's always important to vote in every election!

Tonight I'm gathering with friends above the top reservoir (see map below) on Mt. Tabor today from about 4-8:30. Please bring a picnic, blanket, and snacks and we'll watch the sun go down on this election! Here's a FB event in case you want to invite friends or see a little recap of some of how this election has unfolded.

Some were asking what happened to my The Eleven newsletter this month - well, given the election, I've been sending more than usual to my Eleven readers and sent this out on the 9th.

I often get asked how I'm voting, besides in my race, (ahem), I think the Portland Mercury got it right this time.

Thank you again for any kindness you've shown in my direction in the last couple of months. Every bit of it was welcome and helped keep me sane and positive as I ran for office for the first time in my life.

Take care and VOTE!!! And make sure your friends are Voting, too!


Albert Kaufman, Candidate for Multnomah County Commission - District 3

PPS - I'm a big fan of celebrating birthdays - if you'd like to receive a fun note from me on your birthday - write back with your birthdate - Month and Day and you'll be all set!
I've been doing a lot of writing about the issues of the day on my website - check it out.