Now more than ever our right to vote is of utmost importance. We as a nation have never been more polarized. One hundred years ago women were finally allowed to vote. At one time in our country's short history, Blacks couldn't vote and were considered to be 3/5 of a person. Until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 Black citizens were marginalized and most were not able or allowed to vote. Sad truth is that these issues of equality are still in the forefront of our society. To think how difficult it was for Justice Ginsberg to get to her seat on our highest court. We need to exercise our right to vote just because so many fought for us to have that right equally.
Please… I beg you to get out and vote!!

Thank you,

Jason Jarvis
Commercial fisherman
NAMA’s Board President

VOTE! Right now, there is no event or action more important than voting. Make a plan, wear a mask, pack a lunch, dress warm, keep your distance in line, and stand strong. 

We're excited to announce the launch of The FoodPrint of Farmed Seafood, a report written by FoodPrint in partnership with NAMA. The report explains all the ins and outs of aquaculture, exposes the false promises of industrial seafood farming, and shows what’s at stake when private companies are allowed to build factory farms for seafood in public waters. Please help spread the word by liking and sharing our Instagram and Facebook posts.

Last month we asked you to rally and testify to stop a critical fish farm proposal off the coast of Florida. And guess what, the Army Corps of Engineers heard our voices! They decided to open a 30-day comment period after previously failing to give the public an opportunity to comment. Hurrah for the people! But then they blew it. Eighteen days later, they announced that they have not been receiving external emails because of a technical glitch. The agency is requesting that everyone re-submit their comments. The deadline has been extended from November 4th to November 19th. We invite everyone to weigh in (again!) and keep the momentum going. Here is a sample comment letter that you can email to Thank you for your aid in this battle.

In October we teamed up with Uprooted and Rising and friends to hold a Virtual Rally against Industrial Aquaculture & Genetically Engineered Salmon. We detailed AquaBounty's plans to release GMO salmon as well as the AQUAA Act's attempt to open the floodgates to offshore industrial aquaculture. As part of the #BlockCorporateSalmon campaign this rally featured clear action opportunities, kick-ass music, and indigenous voices who are on the frontlines of these battles. Click here to check out the rally, sign the petition, and sign-up for updates.

Many folks have heard about the tragic and disturbing violence committed against the Mi'kmaq lobster and fishing community in Nova Scotia.

If you haven't, here is a related article to bring you up to speed. There are ways to support the Mi'Kmaq and share information with your networks, friends, and family. Follow this link for what you can do.

On October 27th NAMA participated in the World Forum of Fishers Peoples’ (WFFP) first online youth assembly. There were voices from all over the globe, including Sri Lanka, Belize and Gambia. We heard the overlaps between fishers here on turtle island in parallel to the voices from across the world. We are not alone in our fight against ocean privatization and fishing access. Stay tuned for links to the recording.

If you are a fisher person under the age of 35 and would like to participate in the next assembly on 11/21/2020 please email NAMA’s digital organizer Elliott Snow who helped facilitate the call on 10/27/2020.

Our deep condolences to the family, friends, and community of Com. T. Peter, National Fishworkers Forum General Secretary and long time member/leader within the World Forum of Fisher People’s movement.

He succumbed to pneumonia and multiple organ failure last month while battling the COVID-19 virus on October 8, 2020.

Our sister organization - the National Family Farm Coalition - is looking for a Policy Associate. Although they can work remotely for now, this position is ultimately based in Washington, DC.
Check out a new video by NFFC and ActionAid. Although the video is focused on landfood, the issue applies just as much to our seafood system.
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