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August 30, 2020
Notes from the Chair:


Thinking back to 2014 when I first got involved in Democratic politics the ratio of Republicans to Democrats was almost 6 to 1. Today, we are outnumbered by at most 4 to one and maybe (here’s hoping) closer to 3 to 1. The election in November will tell us for sure and your efforts to get the Democratic vote out will make a big difference. Also, the fact that Kendall County is the seventh fastest growing place in the country percentage wise is a factor as is the current president’s efforts to undermine the country and divide us.

So, since we can’t as yet win any local partisan elections, what can we do. We can maximize Democratic turnout to help add to the vote total of our Federal and State candidates. Also, and very importantly, we can force the Reds to spend more money here to take resources away from other places. A great example is Wendy Davis. Roy will beat her in Kendall County but forcing them to spend money on signs and advertising here reduces his resources elsewhere and trust me if we all pitch in and help, she will win! So that’s what we want to do, maximize Democratic votes and mount a campaign effort for Joe, MJ, Wendy and all our other great candidates. Keeping this thought, here’s this week’s action suggestion:

In addition to volunteering for the KCDP, take a look at the links below and sign up to do post carding, phone banking and texting for Joe, Wendy, MJ, and the Texas Democratic Party.

Biden/Harris - https://joebiden.com/#


The shooting of Jacob Blake by police leaves me speechless and hurting.  A father of six, shot seven times in front of some of his children. He is currently paralyzed below the waist. Then two protesters were murdered by a white 17-year-old with an AR-15, who gets taken by Kenosha police without injury. A kid attacking protesters is the kind of ignorant vigilantism that we have come to expect under the current president who fans the flames of hatred, division and bigotry. I condemn violence at all levels and by all people but this president has got to go. We need new leadership who will bring us together and start a healing process. We must have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to get us back on track and start the process to hopefully end racism once and for all. Without an end to racism we will never be great.

Stay Safe and Stay Engaged

Kevin Henning
Kendall County Democratic Chair
Help Build the 2020 Blue Wave!
Now is the time to SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER.

We’ve had lots of training and Zoom sessions and meetings…..but the time for training is past.  Whether it’s calling local Democrats to encourage them to vote, or writing and mailing postcards to remind people of important voting dates, or working in the office, or writing Letters to the Editor, the time to act is NOW. Our “Help Build the 2020 Blue Wave” page on our website has a complete list of volunteer opportunities and who to contact to sign up. We’ll also have some “virtual” events you can sign up for on the Events section of our web site (URL: https://www.mobilize.us/kendalltxdems/?zip=78006) this coming week, so be sure to check out the latest events.
If you’re unsure about what to sign up for, please call or email me (deputychair@kendalltxdemocrats.org, 210-884-6843) and I’ll be happy to chat with you to find the right job for your interests.
This is going to be a tough election, and it will require ALL our efforts to prevail against the toxicity coming from the White House and Republicans. Please sign up today!
Thanks for your support,
Laura Bray
Deputy Chair, Kendall County Democratic Party


  • MOST IMPORTANT: Phone Banking to Local Seniors: The Texas Democratic Party sent all "likely Democratic" eligible seniors a Vote By Mail application for the 2020 election. Now we need to call them to make sure they received it and that they have returned the application. Link to sign up: https://www.mobilize.us/kendalltxdems/event/313029/

  • Writing Postcards to Voters: We want to contact all our local "Strong Democrats" and remind them of upcoming key voting dates. We need to make sure ALL our local Democrats go vote, and to do that, we need to make sure they know when and where to do so. Link to sign up: https://www.mobilize.us/kendalltxdems/event/313053/

  • Writing and Sending Letters to the Editor: Letters to the Editor (LTEs) give local Democrats a forum to respond to "hot" topics of the day. Every one to two weeks from now until Election Day, we'll update our guidance on what topics to address. For the week of August 31, we're asking all local activist to respond to the front page article in the August 28 issue of the "Boerne Star," in which Kyle Biedermann announced his intention to file constitutional carry legislation. Link to sign up: https://www.mobilize.us/kendalltxdems/event/313065/
Over the next 8 weeks leading up to early voting, we’ll run a Candidate Profile in each newsletter. These profiles will introduce you to our amazing slate of Democratic candidates, what they’re running for, why that office is important, and a short candidate profile. Please share with your friends and family!

Running for: US Congress, District 21 (TX21)
Wendy Davis is passionate about adequate education funding, affordable healthcare, and economic justice. As a state senator, she fought against $5.4 billion in cuts to public schools and stood up (literally) for women’s healthcare. She also founded a non-profit (“Deeds Not Words”) that empowers young women to speak up and advocate for themselves and their communities.
Wendy earned her B.A. from Texas Christian University in 1990 and her J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1993. She was admitted to the bar in 1993. From 2009 to 2015, Davis was a member of the Texas State Senate, representing District 10.
Wendy says, “I’m running for Congress to assure that future generations are provided with the same opportunities that I once had. I’m running to make sure that our kids can go to good and safe schools, attend college or trade school and earn a decent living when they grow up.”
Why is this office important?
The 21st Congressional District, one of the most gerrymandered in the state, serves portions of San Antonio and Austin and a wide swath of the Hill Country, including Boerne, Kerrville and Fredericksburg. (Click here for a map.) This representative is our voice in the US House of Representatives and will have input on a wide range of federal legislation, from healthcare to COVID response to education and more. Wendy will represent and fight for the interests of TX21 residents, rather than the interests of rich donors.


We’re fired up and proud of our great Democratic candidates

We want all of Kendall County to know it! It’s very important for us to be visible and open about the great candidates on our ticket, to remind neighbors and passersby: “There are more of us than you think!”

So if you’d like to plant a “Democracy Garden” like the one pictured here, we’ve got the “seeds” you need. At the Democratic HQ in Boerne, we’ve got the following campaign signs, with more on their way:

  • Biden for President
  • Biden/Harris- Large banners are here/Yard signs -by Sept 4.
  • Wendy Davis for Congress (official campaign logo, light blue)
  • Texans for Wendy Davis (Texas flag graphic)
  • Stephanie Phillips for Texas House District 73
  • Justice Rebeca Martinez for Chief Justice, 4th Court of Appeals
  • Vote Blue 2020 / Votar Azul 2020
  • Bracelets for Joe Biden
  • Rebecca Bell-Metereau (SBOE District 5): available beginning of September

We also have signs and “car magnets” with the “Vote Blue 2020 – Unite the Country” message featured on our new billboard on I-10 (eastbound between Comfort and Boerne).

You can either stop by our Democratic HQ in Boerne to pick up your campaign signs.

Or contact Christina Huckaba @ 210-274-3448 or email to christinahuckaba@gmail.com
and we will deliver them to your door or plant them in your yard for you!

A donation of $10 per sign is optional, but very helpful to keep our campaigns and “gardens” growing.

Democratic HQ's
518 East Blanco, Boerne

Wed-Sun 1:30-4:30.

Masks are required. We have masks available if needed.

We’ve seen a lot of energy lately, with people wanting to pick up yard signs and sign up to help. We want to expand our office hours, but we need MORE VOLUNTEERS to do so.
Please contact Sherry Thurman to sign up.
Donations made via Act Blue go directly to Kendall County Democratic Party, except for a 3.95% credit card processing fee. The money we raise supports the Democratic Operations for Kendall County. We need funds to operate an Office, Train volunteers, “Get out the vote” efforts; Mailings, Posters, Advertising, etc. 
Donate Online!
We encourage you to donate to the Party online with the secure online donation site ActBlue accessible from our home page.
We understand that some folks just don’t like online donations: “Prefer to donate via check or money order? Send it to PO Box 2321, Boerne TX 78006-6321.”

Check out KCDP Facebook page!
Feel free to forward to a friend!
Click here to be added to our mailing list!
Office 518 East Blanco, Boerne
( same building as Mary’s Tacos, enter through rear entrance) 
830-388-0109 bstrain947@aol.com