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To: All CCRA Members
As you are aware, the CCRA Annual Meeting will be held this Thursday, May 27, at 6 pm.
In advance of the Meeting, we are voting for new officers and board members. You can vote for the officers and board candidates below:
·       Vote here for Officers
·       Vote here for Directors
Deadline for voting is 5 pm - the day of the Annual Meeting, Thurs., May 27. Your vote is essential! We need a quorum of 50 to elect our candidates.
Voting for Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and CCRA Bylaws will be conducted by live vote at the Annual Meeting. Votes will be counted, and the results will be announced at the Meeting. 
Also, we will be bidding a bittersweet Au Revoir to our beloved outgoing President Maggie Mund.
Then, a real treat! We have the honor to present to our members an exclusive Livestream presentation from PA’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro. At the end of the presentation, you will have the chance to ask him questions.
Since we don’t want you, your friends, or your neighbors to miss this, everyone can quickly join the Meeting (members at 6 pm; friends and neighbors at 6:30 pm) by registering.