KHVH's Rick Hamada Offers to Lead a Political Rally AGAINST More Rail Taxes for the Rail Project . . .
Let's Tell Rick "YES"

Aloha, Republicans:
This week, KHVH's Rick Hamada gave Hawaii's tax fighters, the conservative movement, and the Republican Party a huge gift.  On Monday, he announced his willingness to lead a political rally against the newest round of proposed tax hikes for the disastrous Mufi-Kirk train to nowhere.  This important rally would take place either right before or near the start of the special session of the Democrat-run state legislature.

Why rally?  To unify the opposition (a.k.a. 'us') to the political machine running Hawaii.  To send a message to the public and to politicians.  To put Democrats on notice.  To engage in democracy like all citizens should.  To help the people take power back from the Rail Cartel and the Democrat Machine.  To save Hawaii from overtaxation, unfunded liabilities, and so on and so forth.

But HIRA believes the most important reason for Republicans to answer and support Hamada's call for a rally (and accept his generous invitation to lead this rally) is because voters in Hawaii have no idea what Republicans stand for.  While voters oppose high taxes and wasteful spending, they don't think the GOP feel the same way and they don't think either party leaders or our incumbents and candidates feel this way.  They simply don't think we are in their corner.  So this rally gives the Hawaii GOP a unique opportunity to stand up, dust itself off, and get into the fight.

Rick Hamada has been using his bully pulpit to battle big spending, high taxing, social engineering liberal Democrats for years and years and years . . . often fighting alone.  For the sake of this proposed Hamada Rally, our silence today would be a total dealbreaker.

By the end of today, Rick made it clear on his radio programs this week that he needs to see scientific evidence that we're ready to fight alongside him.  The official KHVH online polls serve as that evidence.  He will announce his decision on tomorrow morning's show, so there's no time to waste!!

So please vote RIGHT NOW, on Facebook and on Twitter. to show Rick Hamada (and the public) that we're as serious as he is.

We MUST seize this opportunity to battle high taxes and raise the profile of conservative and GOP activism in our community.   Rick Hamada has handed us a gift.  Let's say " yes" and " thank you" right away by voting YES on these online surveys.

If all goes well, then start making plans to attend and make your voices heard.  The public is waiting and watching to see if we rise to the occasion.  Tomorrow's victories at the ballot box will only be possible by proving that we mean what we say and say what we mean.  It's not enough to keep our beliefs buried deep inside our party's website.

So let's unite for the Rick Hamada Rally Against More Rail Taxes.   Vote online today using the links above .  And get your torches and pitchforks ready for the upcoming special session.  C'mon, Let's Rally!!


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