February 2016

Reminder: RRSP Deadline for 2015 is Monday February 29th, 2016.


Have you made your RRSP contribution?  Call us to ensure you make the right amount for your situation and income.  We can help.


Quick Tip:  Missing Contributions!  The Biggest Mistake I've Seen with RRSP Contributions!

RRSP Season is upon us!  Do you have contribution room?  Have you made contributions that haven't been counted on your tax return?  The most common mistake I've seen is mis-reading your RRSP notice received from CRA. 


We all receive our Notice of Assessment, and it sums up our income and taxes paid.  You quickly scroll through it and ignore the RRSP Deduction Limit Statement which is usually the at the bottom of Page 2 of this assessment notice. 

There are 2 critical lines on this notice, and it's important to ensure they are recorded correctly.

First, the last line of the "RRSP calculation" chart, that is called "RRSP Deduction Limit for 2015".  This indicates the accumulated RRSP contribution room you now have available and can contribute for the 2015 RRSP tax year.  It has an *A on the far left side to help indicate it's priority.


However just below there is a sentence that often goes unnoticed, and yet it's also critical.  "You Have $......... of Unused RRSP Contribution Room available".  If this figure is anything above 0, this means that you have made a contribution that has not been credited, or couldn't be deducted.  Usually it's because you have over-contributed, or didn't report it properly.  This means it needs to be corrected, or you need to ensure you generate more RRSP room to be able to get your tax deductions.  We are all able to over-contribute by $2,000, but beyond that, there may be tax implications.  So, please check these statements.  Also, as soon as you get it, send it to your Financial Advisor, then we can help assess your situation and ensure it's corrected for next time.



RRSP Contribution Limits: 2014 Limit: $24,930
2015 RRSP Limit: $25,370, or 18% of prior year's income.


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Tax Help Needed?


Check out our tax organizers to keep you on track.


2016 Personal Tax Calendar

2015 Personal Income Tax Organizer


If you need an accountant, give me a call, I can refer accountants to you, as we hear what works from all our clients.  Happy to help!


If you do your own taxes, you can use the TurboTax program available through our website link here to save 20% on TurboTax.


Top things families should know about taxes:


There are many opportunities to benefits, credits and deductions available to reduce the tax owing at year end. Some options to consider are Working Income tax benefit, Family Tax cut and many more. For more information  click here.

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Reader's Choice Awards:  I'm thrilled to be nominated for the Reader's Choice Awards for Best Financial Advisor in Richmond Hill. Thanks to those that have voted so far.  The contest closes Feb. 5th, and if you'd like to support your favourite local companies, here's the link.  (To vote for me, Please go to Page 3, # 87).  For those that take the time to vote for multiple businesses, a $250 gift certificate is available.




Readers Choice Awards  

Charitable Giving:  Giving Back makes such a Difference!

I wanted to share this link with Rick Mercer, inviting us all to participate in the High Notes Gala in support of Mental Health on April 28th,  at my favourite place, The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.  For more information, or to purchase tickets, go to HighNotesAvante.ca


Wealth Matters 
Join us on Wednesday, February 10th at 2 p.m. EST for the first quarter webcast of Wealth Matters for 2016.
This session will provide an insightful discussion on vacation property planning, led by Chris Thomson, Regional Vice-President, Wealth Planning, Assante Private Client. Join Chris as he discusses acquisition and transfer strategies of property.
Following our wealth planning discussion, we will be joined by Chip McKinley, Senior Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Cohen & Steers. Chip will provide his outlook on the global real estate market and discuss how the team is positioned to take advantage of market opportunities while managing risk.
How to access the webcast 
Access to the webcast is available in The Wealth Matters section of Assante.com: http://www.assante.com/firm/news/wealth_matters.jsp

In fact, here's a reminder and article noting CRA's easy way of reporting your foreign property between $100,000 & $250,000.

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