Voice of the Faithful
Executive Director Donna Doucette appointed
to Priests' association
leadership team
Dear Friends,

Please join me in congratulating VOTF's long-time Executive Director Donna Doucette on being appointed to the Association of Catholic Priests' Leadership Team. Donna has been a member of the Friends of AUSCP for some years and became part of the Leadership Team during the AUSCP's 2022 National Assembly, taking place this week in Baltimore.

Donna will bring a lay voice and perspectives to the AUSCP's strategic plans and program implementation.

This is an incredible honor for Donna and a reflection on the work VOTF has done in supporting priests of integrity. Donna has forged a strong mutual relationship with AUSCP and many of its individual members. She has traveled to their annual meetings regardless of where they have been held to ensure VOTF is present. It is through Donna's dedication and hard work that VOTF is recognized as the strongest of partners.

Congratulations, Donna, on this fantastic achievement!

Mary Pat Fox, President
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