April 6, 2021
Executive Council Voting OPEN!

Thank you to all primary care leaders who put in an Expression of Interest to support LMPCA and primary care development!

VOTE FOR NPs HERE: Voting closes at midnight on April 13, 2021.

PHYSICIANS: We received 10 Expressions of Interest (EOI) for 11 physician seats (see all FP and NP EOIs on the LMPCA website). As such, we are pleased to inform you that the following physicians have been acclaimed to LMPCA Executive Council:
  • Dr. Julie Clarke, Blackfriars FHO, non-FHT
  • Dr. Cathy Faulds, family physician focused practice in palliative care
  • Dr. Jessica Hunter-Orange, family physician focused practice in dermatology, fee for service
  • Dr. Brenna Kaschor, fee for service/FHG, focused practice
  • Dr. Ken Lee, London RAAM Clinic, CMHA Medical Service
  • Dr. Scott McKay, contracted locum FHO physician with academic site, works in LTC
  • Dr. Vineet Nair, small FHO (4 doctors), non-FHT
  • Dr. Dan Pepe, London Lambeth FHO, non-FHT
  • Dr. Gord Schacter, London FHT (FHO with FHT)
  • Dr. Phil Vandewalle, FHO with FHT (West & North Middlesex)

Timeline for this process:
  • April 6-13: voting open for one week
  • April 14: notify individuals who submitted an Expression of Interest
  • April 15: announcement of new Executive Council

What comes next?

We are striving to be representative of all primary care perspectives, including indigenous and marginalized populations. As our governance continues to develop, we will work towards increased representation from all segments of primary care, including interdisciplinary health providers.

Still want to get involved?

If you missed the deadline but still wish to be involved with LMPCA activities, please reach out to us at info@lmprimarycare.ca. There are opportunities to participate in working groups and other initiatives as the Executive Council outlines its workplan for the coming year.

Why get involved?

Our goal is to build a strong primary care community. By organizing as a sector, we as Primary Care are establishing clear goals, strategies, and processes in order to:

  • speak with a strong, united voice
  • connect to teams and supports
  • improve our practice
  • focus on equitable representation
  • and much more ... 

Be a part of building this network with us -- come join our community!

If you have questions, please contact Janet Dang, Primary Care Transformation Lead at janet.dang@thamesvalleyfht.ca.
You can also contact us at our new email - info@lmprimarycare.ca - or through www.lmprimarycare.ca!