Slide Pool will open May 29th
The on-site office is currently closed for renovation until further notice. To obtain a new or replacement pool card, please email vows.admin@fsresidential.com and the management team will schedule an appointment to pick up a pool card at the on-site office. 
If you activated your pool card since 2019 it will remain active in the 2021 pool season.
Read below for the answer to everyone's question:
What's Happening with the Bradford Pears?
If you do not receive the Board Meeting Notice email, please be sure your contact information is up to date in the Connect Resident Portal. A link to the portal is located below.
Late Fees on Past Due Assessments

Semi-annual assessments are due on January 1st and July 1st each year. Please pay the full amount due by January 30th and July 30th respectively, or late fees will occur. Payments can be made online at ClickPay.com, the online payment provider for FirstService Residential. Homeowners can make one-time payments or set up monthly payments through ClickPay. Payments can be made by e-check (ACH) for free, or by credit/debit card for a small processing fee. Get started by creating your account at www.ClickPay.com/FirstService. For help getting started, visit www.ClickPay.com/GetHelp or call 1-888-354-0135.

Late fee schedule as follows:
30 Days late: $297.50.00 Dues +$25.00 1st Late fee + $15.00 Reminder Notice = $337.50
60 Days late: $337.50 Balance + $25.00 2nd Late fee + $15.00 Second Notice = $377.50
90 Days late: $377.50 Balance+ $25.00 3rd Late fee +$80.00 Demand Letter= $482.50

A late fee of $25.00 will be applied each month until the balance exceeds $800.00. Once the balance exceeds $800.00, the account will be transferred to the attorney for collection and homeowner will incur substantial additional legal expenses.

The Villages of Woodland Springs recognizes that there may be specific circumstances or recent developments that impact your ability to immediately remit full payment on your account. If you are facing some financial hardship, we need to hear from you and we want to help you with a plan. As long as you take those steps, we are committed to working with you.
In the event that you are unable to comply and make full payment by the deadline set forth in the notice you received, and you wish to request a payment plan, it is important that you promptly submit your request to the Association.

To request a payment plan, please contact account services at 877-378-2388, or by email at accountservices.tx@fsresidential.com.
 If there are other circumstances that you wish to present to the Association Board of Directors in connection with your request, please email craig.asaff@fsresidential.com for such correspondence.
Thank you,
The Villages of Woodland Springs Board of Directors

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