What is a Sense of Wonder?
"Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house with its spirit of
divine discontent and longing."
The lines above, read by sixth-graders in Wind in the Willows, call to mind the meaning of a sense of wonder at Veritas. What Spring brings to Mole is uneasiness with the way things are and a desire to find something new and perhaps even closer to truth (in Latin veritas). This drives Mole on a quest of adventure, growth, and self-discovery. And this is what a cultivated sense of wonder can do for our students.  
From the start, Veritas teachers write grade reports that look little like traditional "report cards." There is quantitative data; there are scores listed. But the main feature of each student's evaluation is a substantial written narrative that describes the student as a learner. Featured in this narrative is this quality we call a sense of wonder.   
The sense of wonder is a drive, a passion for learning, a discomfort with ignorance, and a desire to get closer to the truth. While everyone is born with it, a sense of wonder shows in different ways with different students. In one student, it might look like a series of energetic remarks during discussion. Another student might be quiet for an extended time and then quietly, pensively, raise a question that makes the whole class reconsider their answers.
Ways to Show Wonder:  
Wonder comes naturally, but it helps to be aware of the habits that come with it: 
  • Be curious
  • Look for puzzles, mystery, and obscurities in the subject matter
  • Ask "Why"
  • Try to solve puzzles, clarify mysteries, and bring obscurities to light
  • Engage your imagination!
If a student has a hard time speaking up, or is not sure if a teacher can perceive their passion for a subject, talk with your teachers. They can help come up with strategies and provide encouragement and support. 
At Veritas, teachers coach these habits of wonder, and model them in their own lives. They work each day to create the conditions for wonder, crafting discussion questions, making lesson plans, designing labs, and more. Everything is aimed to inspire a passion for learning that will, we hope, last through a lifetime.   
This is the first in a series on what grading means at Veritas. 
Next week's focus: Depth of Inquiry 
Academy Announcements
Traffic Safety and Community Wellbeing

We share our campus and neighborhood with many, including several other institutions. Please follow campus and neighborhood signage, for the good of our students and the goodwill of our community. Click here to review traffic flow. 
Openings Still Available for Parent Seminar with Mr. Giles 
Veritas Prep is proud to offer a new, quarterly series of faculty-led discussions for parents, the Lifelong Learners series.
The first seminar discussion, scheduled for Thursday, September 14, 7:00 - 8:30 PM, is led by Veritas teacher Mr. Giles, and focuses on Homer's famous epic poem The Iliad, which our juniors read in Humane Letters. The seminar will focus on a reading of book one. Copies of the reading will be shared with all who enroll.
Session takes place in VPA's Evans Library, with entrance through the south courtyard gates.
Deficiency Notices Published September 5
Throughout the school year, teachers work to stay in touch with families about student progress or concerns. In addition, midway through each quarter, all teachers are asked to send home progress reports for students averaging in the D range or below. These notices are sent by email. To make sure the communication gets through, teachers will ask for a confirmation reply within 7 days of receipt.  
The aim of deficiency notices is to let families know of concerns with enough time for steps to be taken, to support students who may be struggling. To ensure we are working together as a team, it is crucial for families who receive these notices to reply directly to the teacher who sends them.  
If needed, please contact Director of Academics  Karyn Mercado with questions on this process.   
Study Skills Workshop, Sep. 9
Come learn and practice essential classroom skills, from note-taking strategies to organizational ideas. The workshop consists of a series of classes by veteran Veritas teachers, and takes place Saturday, September 9, from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM in VPA classrooms.
It is open to all students. Those in their first year at Veritas Prep are strongly encouraged to register. Since students attend the workshop along with a parent, it is also a great way for parents to learn how to support your student at home.

Click here to register.
Mentor Meetings Continue After Class, Tuesday, September 5
All 6th-grade students will stay in their classrooms after 6th period on Tuesday, September 5, to meet with their mentors. All new students not in 6th grade, meet in room 205 directly after 6th period on Tuesday, September 5.
Parents and rides, please note, these mentor meetings end at 3:15 PM. 
These meetings will continue every other Tuesday, from 2:45 - 3:15 PM. 
Volunteers Still Needed
  1. Traffic safety. Click here if you can help out before or after school with this important work.
  2. Front office assistance. Click here if you can help answer phones and greet guests.


Veritas Boy Scouts Requested
The VPSO is in need of Veritas Boy Scouts to bring in the American Flag during the National Anthem at our Homecoming football game on Sept. 15th.  If your student is interested in volunteering, please contact Bridget Peacock.
Early-Bird Yearbook Purchases Due October 6 
Interested in purchasing a yearbook this year? Hurry--early bird pricing will end the last day of quarter 1, October 6th! Yearbooks are currently $35 each.


Upcoming Events
Friday, September 1
R&R Weekend - teachers will not assign homework; no major assignments or assessments will be due upon return.

Monday, September 4
No School - Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday, September 5
Deficiency Notices
See below for more info.

Saturday, September 9
Study Skills Workshop, 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
See below for more info.

Friday, September 15
Early Release at 12:30 PM
Domesday and Homecoming Activities.
See below or click here for more info.

 Saturday, September 16
Homecoming Dance , 7:00 - 10:00 pm, in the Gym
See below or click here for more info.
Attention, Seniors: Graduation Info Assembly:  
Thursday, September 14, 11:00 AM 
In the Lund Center
Seniors will be hearing from our representative from Balfour about graduation cap & gowns , announcements , and more, as well as class rings.  
Students should plan on eating lunch before this event.  
Parents are welcome to attend, if interested.
Homecoming Festival and Game, Friday, September 15

Please note that, except for the Homecoming t-shirts below, students will remain in normal uniform on Domesday-Homecoming.

After school: There will be a tailgate party hosted by the Parent Organization that evening leading up to the Homecoming football game at 7:00 PM.  
Show your Veritas pride during school and at the game! These special , commemorative Homecoming t-shirts can be worn on Friday, September 15, during the school day.
Limited time! 
Homecoming Dance, September 16, 7:00 PM
European Field Study 2018: Classical Rome and Its Re-Birth.
In coordination with Explorica, an educational travel company, Mr. Nydegger is planning a field study from May 23 to June 6 in a part of the world that perfectly overlaps with our classical curriculum: Italy! Like the amazing field study in 2016, this tour has two primary objectives: first, to bring students into direct contact with the best art, architecture, and historical locations of Western culture; second, to study a broad swath of Western Civilization as it affected a specific locale. Through giving special attention to one medium-sized city, students have a unique vantage point from which to see the deep waves of history as they have rolled across Europe. The 2018 field study will expose students to the best of classical Roman civilization in Rome, the Byzantine influence in Ravenna, the Middle Ages in cities like Assisi, Pisa, Lucca, and Siena, and the Renaissance as it flowered in Rome, Venice, and Florence. With a full week in Florence, students will experience firsthand the greatest works by the most important Renaissance artists, architects, and poets. We will climb to the top of Brunelleschi's dome, stroll all the way around Michelangelo's David, walk where Dante walked, and contemplate works by Raphael, Ghiberti, and many more.
The tour is open to current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders, and the tour fee is $5,231 with a $150 discount until September 15, which includes all flights, transportation, entry fees, tours, breakfast, most dinners, and a full-time tour director. For more information regarding the itinerary and payment plans, see the tour's website: www.explorica.com/Nydegger-4617 . Any and all interested students should indicate their interest by submitting a Preliminary Application to Mr. Nydegger before August 31. The deadline for enrolling with Explorica is September 15.

Click here for the flyer.
Click here for a preliminary application.

Please contact Mr. Nydegger for questions and further information.
Sectio Discipulorum: Students' Section
HS Football Team Wins 19-6 vs North Pointe, August 25!

THANK YOU to all the many families who traveled across town to support our team!  
Student Accomplishments and Features

We love to recognize the good work our students do in the classroom and beyond. In future issues we will be featuring
  • Student poems
  • Student artwork
  • Short essays
  • Honors and recognitions
Teachers will be referring student poetry and artwork. If you would like to offer a submission, please send us a note here.  
Club Feature: Toastmasters
Having trouble speaking up in class? Looking to build confidence?  
Toastmasters gives you the chance to practice your speaking skills in an environment of constructive feedback.   
Come find out more! There will be an informational session on Thursday, September 7, during HS Lyceum in the Library.
Join organizer Dan McGinnis and faculty sponsor Joshua Rognstad, and bring your questions!
Find the club for you!

Click here for this semester's extracurricular catalog. We hope you will find a club or activity that fits your interests! For questions on clubs, you please email club advisors.

Since last week, more clubs have been listed or updated! See the catalog for info on the following activities:

  • Middle-School Writing Workshop
  • Toastmasters * see above
  • Baking Club
  • Chess and Strategic Games Club
  • Drama Club
  • Jazz Lab Band
  • Robotics
  • Middle-school choirs
  • And many more!
College Counseling
October 25th, 2017 is PSAT Test day at Veritas!
On Wednesday, October 25th, all Veritas Prep students in grades 9-11 will take the PSAT/NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test), a practice college admissions test. Scores from the PSAT/NMSQT are never sent to colleges. However, for juniors, the scores are used to determine whether a student qualifies for the National Merit Scholarship program.   
For freshmen and sophomores, the test is only practice and allows students to gain exposure and experience with standardized testing for college.
The fee for having a PSAT/NMSQT test scored is $30.   If you have not already registered please do so at this link: PSAT registration   
Noteworthy Dates Ahead
8/31 - Senior Deadline to request recommendation letters from teachers in Naviance and submit the Counselor/Teacher Recommendation form to their counselor.
9/7 - Financial Aid Night - open to all Veritas Families

On Thursday, September 7th at 6:30pm in the Dining Hall, College Counseling and an ASU representative will be speaking on Financial Aid, the FAFSA, and the importance of College Financial Planning. Parents and students from all grade levels are welcome to attend as the best college financial planning starts early!
College Visit Season 
College Visits are in full swing at Veritas Prep! A weekly schedule of all Veritas visits will be posted on the College Counseling bulletin board and at the Front Desk. You will also find posters on our bulletin board detailing each upcoming college visit. Sophomore through Senior class students should sign up in Naviance for visits they are interested in. Students in the Sophomore or Junior class who have not registered in Naviance will receive an email with instructions to do so this week. For our college visit list as of 8.25.17 see the attachment - Upcoming College Visits.
Athletics Update
Dear Families and Friends:
What a great start to the 2017-2018 athletic year at VPA! Four games and four victories! Thank you to everyone who has come to cheer and support our wonderful athletes.
I wanted to clarify our gate/field fee and entrance protocol for HS athletics at VPA. To come and watch any game/match in our gym, you must enter through the breezeway entrance. The side doors are for exiting only and will be locked during game time from the outside.
As for home games on our field for football and soccer, there will be a table set up between the Bleachers to collect your entrance fees.
Your hand will be stamped to allow you to get back into the venue if needed.
Adults $5.00
Students and Under 18 $3.00
Families up to 4 members $10.00
Student athletes who are participating in a VPA sport during the same season may enter at no cost.
Family and student passes are available on line. The door monitors will have a list if you have a pass.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Andrew Mayer 
Athletic Director | Veritas Preparatory Academy
3102 N. 16th Street, Suite 100 | Phoenix, AZ 85018 
P: 602-236-1128 ext. 421 | C. 602-390-0332  
Athletics Registration and Eligibility Checklist
All items are hyperlinked for convenience: 
  1.  Veritas Fall Athletic Form 2017/2018(MS/HS)
  2. AIA Annual Physical 2017/2018 (MS/HS) (BOTH part A AND part B), 1 time per year
  3. AIA Brainbook Course (HS), 1 time per HS Athletic Career
  4. Consent to Treat (MS/HS), 1 Time Per Year
  5. Athletic Fee (click here for MS/HS), 1 Time Per Sport
Fees :  MS - $240;  HS - $285; Employee Fee - $150
If you are able to check off all the items listed above, your child is eligible to play this fall. Completion/verification of all items should be copied, printed and turned in to the Athletic Office.
Last Year's Athletes: Take Note!
The Athletic Department has a large amount of photos and certificates from last years sports. Please come by the athletic office: they are located in the plastic pocket on the hallway door.
Inspirational Evening with Jason Schechterle

Veritas Prep and Archway Veritas are hosting an evening with Jason Schechterle, a Phoenix Police officer who was severely burned in a car accident in 2001.

Through a series of miraculous and fateful circumstances, Jason survived the crash and ensuing physical and emotional catastrophe. He suffered severe burns to over 40% of his body which drastically altered his appearance. He has undergone more than 50 surgeries just to have the ability to accomplish simple daily tasks we often take for granted.

Jason's journey chronicles his fight for life, his triumph over tragedy and the inspiration that enables him to continue to overcome unimaginable adversity.  His personal narrative exemplifies that the power of the human spirit can never be underestimated or extinguished. 
Inspirational Evening with Jason Schechterle
Thursday, September 21st
Lund Center for Performing Arts
Cost $12 per person
*Appropriate for ages 12 years and older
Click here to purchase your  Jason Schechterle Tickets.
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