Faculty Appreciation Breakfast
This morning, faculty were treated to a feast of epic proportions by Mrs. Tork and many generous parents. Thank you to all who provided help and delicious treats! Our faculty truly felt appreciated!
Upcoming Events
Spirit Week and Homecoming Next Week!
Click the image to read the excerpt from Shakespeare's play that captures the theme of next week's activities and Homecoming events, along with the details on each day.

Spirit Wear sales this week and next!
Students will be allowed to display their school spirit by wearing spirit wear shirts and sweatshirts to school for spirit wear day on Thursday, Oct. 25th. The PSO will sell spirit wear during lunch and Lyceum on October 18th and October 23rd. Cash or card is accepted for payment

House Shirts Still Available: TODAY ONLY

Athletic Field Day is November 2: PERMISSION NEEDED

On Athletic Field Day, students participate in mainly outdoor activities on the school, and at times at the neighboring Arcadia Park. Volleyball, soccer, flag football, kickball, capture-the-flag, tug-of-war, and other games have been played in the past. These are meant to be real athletic events, but open to all students regardless of experience levels.

Please note, a permission slip is required to participate in these activities: CLICK HERE to provide permission ASAP. NOTE: Attendance is required; students who do not attend will be marked absent.
Iliadathon: November 10 - Register Today!

The Iliadathon returns November 10! High school students may register by clicking here.
Lace up your running shoes! Our 5th annual 5K is just around the corner.
November 17
9am Start
Arizona Falls at 56th Street and Indian School
Registration opens October 17th!
Want your name on a t-shirt? Be an event sponsor! Click here for the sponsorship packet or contact Sarah Marbach at smarbach@veritasprepacademy.org. 
Charitable Giving 

Charitable giving to Veritas Prep directly impacts your children's education. Please click here to see our funding model. If you have yet to make your charitable donation to Veritas, you can donate online here, or contact Sarah Marbach at smarbach@veritasprepacademy.org or 602-396-0276. Thank you for your support to Veritas Prep!
Adventure in Andalusia 
All high school students are invited to participate in an amazing educational excursion to Spain this summer from May 29 to June 10. We will visit several cities, with a special emphasis on Toledo and Andalusia, areas rich with a blend of cultures-Christian, Muslim, and Jewish-and abundant physical traces from the Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and Castilians. Take Córdoba's Mezquita as a completely unique example. Imagining the sounds of a call to prayer, we will enter the courtyard and then meander around the dazzling striped arches built by the Muslim Moors on the site of a Visigothic church. Right in the center of this beautiful former mosque our eyes will be lifted up to the heights of a bright Renaissance cathedral. In one building we will experience the best of two different cultures with thousands of years of layers.

Elsewhere, we will visit Baroque Christian palaces and Medieval Muslim palaces, a bullring, castles, synagogues, and two of Europe's best museums where we will see incredible and memorable works like The Garden of Earthly Delights and Guernica by Europe's best painters-El Greco, Goya, Velázquez, and Picasso. We will walk under the two-thousand-year-old arches of the Roman aqueduct in Segovia, and we will have time to wander around and explore great cities like Granada, Seville, and Toledo, where we will spend three full days and four nights.

Over the course of two weeks, students will have an unforgettably enriching experience, immersing themselves in the history, art, and culture of a special region-all with Veritas Prep's goals in mind: to foster a sense of wonder and a great depth of understanding in every student in every place we visit. You can find more information on what is included and the price at the following link: www.explorica.com/Nydegger-5059. A $150 discount is available until October 30. Contact Mr. Nydegger at dnydegger@veritasprepacademy.org for more details

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