DATE: November 5, 2022

MEDIA CONTACT: Sgt. Rashad Hollis #675, Public Information Officer

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Vallejo Police Department forms CalDOJ Collaborative Compliance Task Force (CCC Task Force) to accelerate progress toward substantial compliance with collaborative reform recommendations

Vallejo, CA – On June 5, 2020, the City of Vallejo entered into a three-year collaborative agreement with the California Department of Justice (Cal DOJ). As part of this collaboration, the Cal DOJ provides oversight, input, and feedback on Vallejo Police Department (VPD) reform efforts. Namely, the Cal DOJ is an independent reviewer of VPD’s implementation of the 45 recommendations provided by the Office of Internal Review (OIR) Group. 

Through this collaborative effort, the VPD submits each plan, policy, or procedure that is proposed to meet the OIR Recommendations to Cal DOJ for its review. Compliance Measures are used to evaluate whether the VPD has met expectations for substantial compliance. Each of the 45 OIR Recommendations has approximately two to nine compliance measures for each recommendation. These clearly defined markers give the city, VPD, and the community a clear understanding of the steps needed to achieve substantial compliance with each of the OIR Recommendations. 

You can find the full OIR report by clicking here.


While progress has been made on these recommendations, VPD’s executive staff felt we would not meet the goal of substantial compliance by the June 2023 deadline without additional resources. As a result, at the direction of Interim Chief Ta and the City Manager’s office, Captain Knight was chosen to lead the efforts. He has assembled a four-person team to form the CalDOJ Collaborative Compliance (CCC) Task Force. This full-time team’s goal is to obtain Substantial Compliance with the OIR Recommendations prior to the June 2023 deadline. Personnel and resources have been shifted to accomplish the goals of this task force with minimal impact on other services.


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