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Please note our upcoming aeration schedule:

McCleery Golf Course: Greens and Tees Only.  Closed April 16th and 17th

Fraserview Golf Course: Greens, Tees and Fairways.  Closed April 23rd and 24th and until noon on April 25th

Langara Golf Course: Greens, Tees and Fairways. 
Closed April 30th, May 1st and until noon on May 2nd

The Clubhouses and Golf Shops will be closed the same days (and hours) as the golf courses. However, the McCleery Driving Range will be open regular hours.


Aeration is done twice per year as the most efficient way to reduce thatch build up in the turf's profile. Through years of study and science, the removal of cores using an aeration process is the best way to reintroduce beneficial air into the root zone while removing the build up of gases and anaerobic material. As a farmer can plow their fields to maximize crop production, we don't have the option to plow our greens/fairways. So as you see in these pictures, cores are taken and different types of sand (1 mm- 3 mm) is reintroduced to minimize interruption in play.

A golf course takes an incredible beating throughout any given year. Another cultural practice done during aeration is overseeding fairways and rough, usually at 6-8 lbs per 1000 sq ft. This ultimately produces a stronger stand of turf that is more drought tolerant, ware resistant and receptive to irrigation. 

After cores have been harvested and used for other purposes, sanding is done to help firm up any given area and re-introduce new clean sand that will better suit the profile and maximize growing conditions, leading to optimum playing surfaces.

~ Peter Rodrigues, Superintendent,  Langara Golf Course


Fraserview and Langara Golf Courses are both seeking  Pro Shop Sales Associates.  These team members will run daily operations of the first tee and the golf shop in an efficient, effective and friendly manner. 


Please email your cover letter and resume to  Myles Leong (Fraserview & Langara Golf Operations Manager) at


Tom Flockhart was 8 years old when he first stepped foot on a golf course. On the third hole he was stung by a bee and was traumatized! He didn't try golf again until he was 12 years of age.  hat was when he got hooked on the game. 
Tom was the 1996 Canadian Junior Golf Association Tour Champion and won many other junior tournaments. He played college golf at Durham College in Ontario.  Tom became a member of the PGA of Canada in 2002 and has won multiple professional tournaments including the PGA of Canada qualifying tournament in Ontario with scores of 68-66 for 10 under par. His most recent victories were the 2016 Beach Grove   Pro-Am with a score of 68 and the Srixon PGA of B.C. event at Tsawwassen Springs with a score of 67.   

Tom's specialty is junior golf where he shares his knowledge and experience with young golfers. He teaches them how to reach their maximum potential and have fun. But Tom is comfortable teaching all ages and skill levels and with his 15+ years of teaching   experience he feels that he can help anyone improve.   

Tom is constantly learning and improving his skills as a golf coach by taking courses and certifications. Tom is Trackman Level 2 certified and owns a Trackman 4 launch monitor. Trackman is the most respected launch monitor in golf and is used by most PGA   Tour professionals. Tom is very passionate about this technology and its ability to help all golfers and he will explain the data in simple terms to ensure that his students understand the benefits.   

Tom joins us from Quilchena Golf and Country Club in Richmond where he learned basic Mandarin from the members there. He is also continuing to learn Mandarin and is looking forward to speaking fluently one day.   

You can reach Tom at or 778-288-5443. Visit McCleery Golf Academy for more lesson information.


If you've caught Master's Fever and can't get enough golf, dont miss The Master's Archive on YouTube.  The archive has recently been opened on the Masters Final Round broadcasts for every year from 1968 to 2017.

Sit back, relax, and watch endless hours of Master's Golf!