Attention VPK Providers:

The Division of Early Learning (DEL) has uploaded the application and affidavit for additional compensation for VPK providers into the Provider Portal.

The details listed below comes directly from Chancellor Mears Memorandum on "2022-23 $15 Hourly Wage for VPK Personnel".

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) providers who elect to participate in this additional payment program must complete an application in the Provider Portal. Within the application, each VPK provider will attest via affidavit that every VPK program employee's hourly rate is at least $15 per hour for all time worked on the VPK program.

The starting date for paying the $15 per hour rate must be within 30 days of the VPK provider's rate increase funded with this incentive. The provider's rate increase will begin on the first day of VPK classes or on the date the affidavit affirming the agreement is submitted to the ELC in the Provider Portal, whichever is later.

A VPK provider is deemed to be in receipt of this additional funding on the date that the provider’s VPK rates are increased through this allocation. Thus, for example, if a provider submits this affidavit and will be paid for VPK students at a rate that includes this incentive pay beginning on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, then all VPK employees must be paid $15 per hour for VPK duties beginning no later than Friday, September 9, 2022, which is 30 days after the provider’s rate increase. 

VPK program employees include all employees who work on the VPK program, including the VPK Lead Instructor, Assistants and Substitutes listed in each VPK Classroom on Form OEL-VPK11A, and VPK Directors or Principals listed on form OEL-VPK10, who have been approved by the ELC.  

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