VRGHR King Novelty Restaurant - Mogul
On the Firetown piers at the edge of Victory Beach, you will find some of the most playful bohemian and kitschy institutions of Titan City. One of the first many people notice is the Vrghr King novelty restaurant.
Some old institutions by the water like the Vrghr King remind us of the good old days in seaside Titan City. The restaurant is very hard to miss with its gargantuan wolf’s head statue coming out of the rooftop, and classic wolf and crown neon sign that has been lighting up Titan City’s beach boardwalk since the 1960’s.
Come hungry at any time of the day, sit out on one of the park benches in the patio dining in front of the restaurant, and gorge yourself on a half-pound wolf burger, chili fries, and hush puppy Southern Specials - no actual wolf meat is used!