Contact your legislators NOW
to urge them to oppose SB5089 -

SB5089, introduced in the Virginia General Assembly Special Session, would change the current 90-day threshold that establishes when transient guests become classified as permanent residents under landlord-tenant law. 

Altering the landlord-tenant provision regarding the 90-day limit at hotels would mean ALL guests are treated as permanent residents, rather than transient occupants. Hotels are not structured to serve as permanent residences, nor equipped to serve in a landlord capacity. Among other things, this bill would make it more difficult for hotel staff and owners to report or remove problematic guests, including those engaged in human trafficking and other illegal activity, in a timely fashion.

VRLTA opposes this legislation, and asks for your support in telling your legislators to oppose SB5089.

The committee meeting is THIS AFTERNOON and the legislation is on the docket. Here is information on today's schedule.

You can sign up to speak (on Zoom) against the legislation - sign up by NOON TODAY here (choose Senate General Laws and Technology meeting).

For more information, reach out to Robert Melvin at