LEAD NEWS: Contact Your Federal Elected Officials for Additional Relief

While Congress has passed legislation that has been signed into law to provide relief for the hospitality and tourism industry and employees across the country, these businesses are finding that they are not being implemented in a way that provides the relief they need now.  

Please take a few moments to email your Representatives and Senators and tell them: 
  • You support bipartisan efforts to provide additional funding;
  • And you support Congress taking action to make loan terms and other requirements flexible to reflect the unique operational and business model of hospitality businesses.

Make your voice heard so that restaurants can survive today and once again thrive in the future. Use this link to take action: https://p2a.co/mCiHeet
ABC Update

The Virginia ABC Authority has issued additional guidance regarding the sale of mixed beverages (“cocktails”) for carry-out and delivery. In addition to the guidance previously provided (e.g., (i) at least one meal for every two cocktails included in the order; (ii) a limit of four cocktails for each delivery or take out sale; (iii) mixed drink shall be packaged in a glass, paper or plastic container or similar disposable container having a secure lid or cap designed to prevent consumption without removal of the lid or cap; the Virginia ABC Authority has issued the following additional guidance:

  1. For the limited purpose of this temporary privilege, the term “cocktail” shall be defined as a single alcoholic drink consisting of one or more spirits, wine or beer, and at least one mixer, with a maximum combined volume not to exceed 16 ounces.
  2. Licensees shall not deliver or make available for takeout any combination of cocktails or mixed drinks where the entire contents of an original container or its equivalent of spirits is sold or served for off premises consumption.
  3. Any licensee selling such mixed drinks for delivery shall ensure that such cocktails or mixed drinks will only be transported in the trunk of a motor vehicle or, if there is no trunk, the cocktails or mixed drinks must be transported in an area of the vehicle that cannot be accessed by the driver. Any licensee selling cocktails or mixed drinks for takeout shall inform operators of motor vehicles of the above requirements. Also, it is unlawful for any person to consume an alcoholic beverage while driving a motor vehicle.
  4. All recipients of delivery orders shall demonstrate upon delivery that he/she is at least 21 years of age by presenting bona fide evidence of legal age.
  5. All such deliveries pursuant to this temporary extended privilege shall be to consumers within the Commonwealth for personal consumption only.
  6. All such deliveries shall be performed by the Licensee’s employee, agent or independent contractor; provided that the Licensee has entered into a written agreement with the agent or independent contractor establishing that the Licensee shall be vicariously liable for any violations committed by the agent or independent contractor.
  7. Cocktails shall not be consumed in public or in any other area where open containers are prohibited by law.
  8. Service of cocktails or mixed drinks for delivery or takeout must cease no later than 11 PM daily and not resume until after 6 AM the following day.
  9. The temporary delivery and takeout privileges may be revoked summarily by the Virginia ABC Authority for any noncompliance with the above restrictions. The determination to revoke the temporary delivery and takeout privilege shall not be subject to appeal.
Finally, the Virginia ABC Authority has issued the attached guidance on what constitutes a “meal” for purposes of being able to make a delivery of mixed drinks: see https://townhall.virginia.gov/L/GetFile.cfm?File=C:/TownHall/docroot/GuidanceDocs/999/GDoc_ABC_5991_v1.pdf
Stand with Virginia's Private Campgrounds

VRLTA urges you to share the following message and logo on your social media to show support for Virginia’s private campgrounds:

”The Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association and the Virginia Campground Association appreciates all the efforts Governor Northam is using to combat the COVID-19 crisis, but we encourage him to consider easing the restrictions regarding short term stays at private campgrounds across the Commonwealth. We know there is an effective path forward that will satisfy public health concerns, while also ensuring that campgrounds can provide short term stays for many weary travelers and RVers with little other option for overnight accommodations.”
Restaurant Survey - Please Complete

Please complete a new brief survey developed by the National Restaurant Association Research Group designed to allow us to continue to collect important data for our ongoing communications and advocacy activities regarding coronavirus.

Have you received PPP or EIDL funding?

VRLTA is working to understand if members and others in the hospitality and tourism industries are receiving help . If you applied for either the PPP or EIDL funding, and have received an answer or funds, please send an email to Robert Melvin , VRLTA's Government Affairs Director, sharing the details. Thank you!
Continue to visit https://www.virginiaisforrestaurantlovers.com for more information about the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on the tourism and hospitality industries. We are working to add additional resources, links, and news articles as they become available.