The President met yesterday with hotel, restaurant, and airline executives to discuss the pandemic
AHLA is asking YOU to contact your senators and representatives in support of AHLA's economic recovery solutions for hotel and lodging businesses.
AHLA President & CEO Chip Rogers and leading hotel CEOs met yesterday with the White House to discuss urgent economic recovery solutions needed to protect millions of U.S. hotel employees and 33,000 small businesses as travel grinds to a virtual halt across the country. AHLA's request is in three parts: Hospitality Workforce Relief Fund ($100 billion), Provide Flexibility in Lending ($50 billion), and Access to Loans for Hotel Owners

With the Senate in session and the House likely to come back soon, your urgent outreach to y our Senators and Representatives is appreciated.
The National Restaurant Association has also asked the President and Congressional leadership for help in the form of direct financial relief, loan and insurance assistance, and tax relief.

10 is 10

The Governor's Declaration of Public Health Emergency from today limits the number of patrons (not including staff) in restaurants and public spaces to 10. See the Declaration here.
Virginia Senator J. Chapman Petersen asks Governor Northam to reconsider recent legislation and save small businesses

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