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Additional information from membership call today:

Restaurant Restrictions and Closures
  • Some restaurants have started layoffs and/or permanently closed
  • Do not host St. Patrick’s Day parties or special promotions
  • Get creative with takeout/delivery

Hotel Impacts
  • There may be opportunities to work with the government on quarantine. A few requirements include interior corridors, non-urban areas. We are asking the governor’s office for more information.

Legislation Updates
  • Raised concerns regarding minimum wage and TOT Legislation and requesting a delay until the impact is determined. Governor's office seemed to understand the significant burden signing these bills into law as written would create for the hospitality industry. We will provide additional updates as we learn them.
  • VRLTA is working on an economic relief package from the Governor and Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • ABC is working on delivery applications.

Please see the Governor’s announcement for details regarding unemployment insurance for your employees and direct them to fill out the forms found on the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) website: VEC: http://www.vec.virginia.gov/node/11699

For ideas on shifting to take out and delivery during the state of emergency:


  • Some CVBs/DMOs have received requests for data on the impact COVID-19 is having in there town/county. What is the messaging that should go out to them?
  • VRLTA response: As we receive that data, we will be sure to share it with our partners.
  • When can SBA funding requests be submitted?
  • VRLTA response: We expect in the next few days.
  • How does the limit of gatherings of 10 individuals apply in restaurants?
  • VRLTA response, please see the Governor's response in the announcement above. We will check with them to see if there are any other details of relevance, but for now follow the guidelines imposed.
  • Are there any current promotions to encourage takeout/delivery?
  • VRLTA response: We will try and come up a way to promote delivery/ carryout from restaurants.
  • Are there resources to help my employees get through this?
  • VRLTA response: Yes, please urge them to sign up for unemployment insurance benefits using the VEC information above.

Continue to visit https://www.virginiaisforrestaurantlovers.com for more information about the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on the tourism and hospitality industries. We are working to add additional resources, links, and news articles as they become available.