National Restaurant Association releases Blueprint for Revival; VRLTA Supports

NRA Sends Request to Congress

The Blueprint for Restaurant Revival represents a strong, far-reaching plan for how Congress can advance restaurants in every city and town in this country. VRLTA has been a partner in developing the Blueprint, and we encourage our members and the entire restaurant industry to support the effort.

Your Action is Needed!

Later this month, Congress will consider their final coronavirus response bill for 2020. From the beginning of this pandemic, the National Restaurant Association has  led the charge  in Washington for a comprehensive solution to our industry. VRLTA has been instrumental on the state level in advocating for, and impacting, legislation that helps the restaurant industry. We have made steady progress, but Congress needs to do much more for the nation’s second-largest private-sector employer.
By the thousands, you responded to the NRA's survey identifying the priorities you need for this industry. By a 50/50 tie vote, you identified a $120 billion recovery fund and a second round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding as the top goal.
Restaurants have lost more revenue and jobs than any other industry, but there are a lot of competing interests before Congress. We are shouting here in Washington (and in Richmond), but federal policymakers need to hear your voice directly.
Tell Congress to support restaurants and employees. 
Tell Congress to pass the Blueprint for Restaurant Revival.
We have given Congress a roadmap for action – that calls for either enacting our Restaurant Recovery Fund or implement a targeted second-round of PPP for our industry – as well as other asks that will allow us to keep our doors open for the long haul, and serve the communities we call home. We need your support to bring this effort over the finish line.
Please take action to share your story and lend your voice to this campaign. Every voice counts!