As part of the Virginia Learning Innovation Network (VALIN), Innovation Division of Distinction, Bristol Virginia Public Schools created the Bearcat Bridge program. This is a division-wide initiative that supports students as they prepare for life after high school. Facets of the program go from elementary to high school and beyond. The appendages of Bearcat Bridge include the following: Career Café, Bearcat Bridge Advisory, Career Launch, Senior Membership, Workforce Ready Diploma, and an annual Career Fair.

Career Café: Students in middle and high school have a weekly opportunity to meet with career representatives during their lunch periods to ask questions and learn more about various career fields.
Bearcat Bridge Advisory: Once a month, all high school students meet in their designated advisory blocks where they will work on a continuous portfolio that consists of workplace readiness skills. Lessons may consist of writing a good resume, communication in the workplace, pay, benefits, etc.
Career Launch: Students that have met all requirements for graduation by the end of the first semester will be given the opportunity to work with the Workforce Engagement Coordinator to find employment that will go along with the student's future career goals. Students are placed into paid job placements during the school day where they receive school credit. If the student enjoys the placement, then they have the option to continue after graduation. Students that complete the Career Launch program successfully can be entered to win a car at the end of the year.
Senior Membership: High School seniors would have a trained mentor from the community that would help guide students as they prepare for life after graduation.
Workforce Ready Diploma: This is a special seal, recognized by the Chamber of Commerce, that will be awarded to students that have met all criteria their senior year. Some of these markers are things such as strong leadership skills, strong attendance, industry credentials, etc.
Career Fair: Students in 4th and 5th grades at the elementary schools attend a Career Fair/Exploration Day where they hear from various industries. Students in high school attend a career fair in the spring where they can apply for summer jobs or careers after graduation.

Success from the 2022/2023 implementation year include: 64 guest speakers have come to talk to students during Career Cafe; 41 businesses and colleges attended the high school Career Fair; 16 students are in the Career Launch programs. Some examples of job placements are construction, funeral service, automotive, legal assisting, manufacturing, marketing, health care, and accounting.