VSC POWERed Up and Ready To GROW Virtual Training Experience
VSC POWERed Up & Ready To GROW Virtual PD Experience
We find ourselves in an unprecedented moment in history where our entire country is being tested at every level. As a direct result of these challenging times, members of our communities are frightened, discouraged, confused, fatigued, disheartened and depleted.

In order for any of us to meet the demands that are being laid at our feet, we must be "Optimally Well" and bring our best selves to the table. Optimal Wellness will help us to successfully navigate these treacherous waters in our country and meet our obligations as parents, educators, employers, employees, community leaders or responsible members of our local communities.

VSC is excited to offer a Prolific Virtual Training Experience that is powerfully impacting the wellness and readiness of people across the country: "POWERed Up & Ready To GROW: Thriving in Times of Crisis." Wellness is not merely the absence of illness or distress it is a full integration of physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is a complex interaction that leads to quality of life. It is a lifelong process of making decisions that support a more balanced life in order to maximize your potential.

As a part of our training experiences that are designed exclusively for the educational arena, we will work hand-in-hand with you to customize a training plan that leaves an indelible mark on the lives of your faculty, staff, parents and the community at large. They will have the opportunity to Reflect, Renew and Get Ready for the journey that lies ahead. After this training experience they will be equipped with tools that will aid them in adapting to change and coping successfully with adversity.

VSC PD experiences utilize a dynamic-engagement methodology called Power UP. Our sessions are:
* Purpose-Driven
* Organizationally-Focused
* Win-Win-Win Based
* Engaging & Energetic
* Results-Oriented 

We have conducted training sessions across the country and our attendees leave the experiences...

Services Included In Our Training Experiences
All VSC Virtual Professional Development Experiences include: Assessments, Polls, Break-Out Rooms and Interactive Activities

Each Training Experience also comes with the full cadre of services below:

*Custom Webpage for Virtual Training Experience 
*Digital E-Newsletters To Staff
*On-line Registration 
*Virtual Event Management 
*Content for Training 
*Digital Downloadable Training Materials 
*Provide Event Facilitators/Trainers
Virtual Training Experience Schedules
Full Day Training Experience

8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Flexible)
Module 1 & Module 2
Thriving in Times of Crisis
Optimal Wellness For Effective Performance
Assessment, Polls and Break-Out Rooms/Interactive Activities

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Flexible)
Module 3 
Effective Communication & Team-Building
Mental Health & Wellness
Assessment, Polls and Break-Out Rooms/Interactive Activities

Half Day Training Experience

We also offer the training in a half day morning or afternoon 3-hour session. 
  • Module 1&2 can be combined for a half day session. 
  • Module 3 is offered as a stand alone half day session. 
Virtual Training Experience Options
Training Experience Options

It is our desire to make this training easily accessible and affordable for districts and schools across the country. This training is specifically designed for all stakeholders in a school or district: administrators, faculty, staff, parents or any combination of these groups. In order to meet your custom needs and budget, any of the full day or half day experiences (Modules 1-3 above), can be facilitated in the options below:
  • District Wide Educator Training - up to 1000 educators
  • District Wide Parent Training - up to 1000 parents
  • Single - School Training - up to 100 faculty and staff members from a specific school
  • Single School Team Training - up to 500 faculty, staff and parents from a specific school
    • This unique training offers an amazing opportunity to equipp, motivate and inspire educators and parents as they seek to work collaboratively to navigate the challenging time we are facing. This experience will leave an indelible mark on the lives of the participants and on the footprint of the school.
  • Multi-School Training - up to 1000 educators from multiple campuses
    • This training represents a cost effective method. Educators from multiple schools will participate in the training experience together. 

VSC will work closely with you in order to facilitate the training that works best with your needs and budget. We have the flexibility to meet you where you are. 

Take a close look at the Modules that are offered as a part of this 
POWERed Up & Ready to GROW Training Experience.

Module 1 - Let's Get Motivated...Thriving In Times Of Crisis
The virtual experience will get kicked off with an inspirational message and session led by Merlyna Valentine.

Module 2 - Optimal Wellness For Effective Performance
Fit, Fired Up and Fueled for Fulfillment

* Valuing Self: This includes having healthy emotional, cognitive, and physical habits; and engaging in meaningful and rewarding activities. 

* Finding Balance and Purpose: This includes having a sense of balance, meaning, and purpose in life; having meaningful beliefs and practices; and being able to adapt to change and cope successfully with adversity. Team members will learn how to thrive in a time of crisis.

Connecting with Others: This includes having compassion for others; identifying with a community; and having meaningful, rewarding, and supportive relationships. 

Participants will be led through self-reflective activities and discussions that highlight the seven dimensions of wellness and unveils how they impact performance and overall quality of life. This critical module will provide them with the essential tools to navigate the uncertain times we find ourselves in as a nation. They will be properly equipped to manage their personal wellness and encourage wellness in the lives of others.
Module 3 - What's Your FLAVA? Effective Communication, Team Building & Leadership
The transformational What's Your FLAVA? effective communication system is the afternoon session or a stand alone module for the Virtual Training Experience.

Personality clashes are cited by employees as the leading cause of work place conflicts which cost U.S. companies more than $350 billion each year(Source: CPP, Inc.)  Work demands can bring numerous opportunities for stress and frustration alone, but combine these challenges with staff conflicts, personality clashes and snarled lines of communication and it becomes virtually impossible to deliver excellence. 

The What's Your FLAVA? system can help your staff communicate more effectively with leadership, colleagues, students, parents and the community at large. Effective communication will be an essential component that leads to successful outcomes as we move forward in the tenuous days ahead.

During this Training Module attendees will:

1. Gain insights into their FLAVA  and the FLAVAs of others 
2. Participate in interactive team building activities that showcase the FLAVAs at work
3. Enhance effective communication and leadership skills through understanding the FLAVAs
4. Gain an understanding of leveraging FLAVA in relationships, organizational responsibilities, and effective management of talent.
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VSC has had the extraordinary pleasure of providing powerful and impacting training experiences for educators throughout the country. We look forward to working closely with you to custom fit a professional development opportunity that meets your most pressing needs.

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VSC POWERed Up & Ready To GROW Virtual PD Experience