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Sri Gurubhyo Namaha!

Vibhuti Saivaite Immersion 2024

Annual Summer Program

Dear devotees,

With the blessings of Aiya, Amma, and the Devi, Vibhuti Saivaite Immersion (VSI) has been running for 18 successful years. We ask for their blessings, as they continue to guide us as we offer this sacred service once again for VSI this year, which will be our 19th year of VSI.

We would like to invite you to apply to this year’s Vibhuti Saivaite Immersion (VSI). This year, VSI will tentatively run from Saturday, July 27, 2024 to Saturday, August 3, 2024. 

As our Temple is a “Teaching Temple,” it is an ideal place for kids to get involved and truly experience the wealth of Saiva philosophy and worship. Through inspirational and educational classes with Aiya, presentations from guest speakers and sessions with the counselors, each child is encouraged to find his or her own personal connection with Saiva culture and devotion in a fun-filled setting.

Junior Counselor (JC) Registration Instructions

The JC applicant must be 16 years old by July 27, 2024 (first day of VSI) to be eligible for the program. Please note that the age requirement for the program is 16-18 years old. 

Junior Counselor Application Form

Please complete the application at your earliest convenience. Application responses will be reviewed by the directors and JC leads, and the most promising candidates will be invited for an interview or informed about next steps in the application process.

JC Registration Cost: $300 USD

Once the JC has been accepted into the program, all additional required forms will be provided to the JC and their parent(s). As soon as all forms and the program payment have been received and confirmed, the JC participant will be officially registered. 

*NOTE: Only a maximum of 20 JCs will be accepted into the program.

Counselor Registration Instructions

For our VSI program counselors, we look for the following qualities: 

  • Demonstrated commitment to learning the spiritual values and wisdom of Sanatana Dharma, and putting them into practice within one’s daily life
  • Experience working with children ages 10-18, OR genuinely enjoy being with children and care about their education, growth and well-being as individuals
  • Able to co-operate and work well with others in a team
  • 19 years of age as of December 31, 2024

A brief guide to the roles and responsibilities of a counselor can be found here.

For those interested, individuals with 0-3 years of counselor experience must complete the below counselor application form.

Returning counselors with 4 or more years of counselor experience, must meet with VSI leadership and their fellow returning counselors. Please complete the poll below indicating your availability, and a group call will be arranged. 

Please complete the poll before January 22 in order to secure a meeting while availability lasts. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at

We are grateful for your interest and dedication to the VSI program. We hope to chat with you soon! 

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha!

VSI Mailing List

To receive registration emails, updates regarding the program and other information, please make sure you are subscribed to our Youth Camp Mailing List. Click the link below, enter your email and select "Summer Youth Camp News".

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As always, if you have any questions please email https:// or call 585-533-1970 and a volunteer will be happy to help you.

Sri Matre Namaha!

Sri Vidya Temple Administration



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