Dear VSPA Members,


The VSPA Board and staff are actively working to address the lack of timely overtime pay. After learning of the issue on Friday, October 28th, we immediately called the Superintendent to discuss it. Having not been aware of the issue, he advised that he would obtain information and address the Board during the regularly scheduled Board meeting on October 29th. 


The Superintendent told the Board that the issue primarily resulted from handwritten corrections on the SP-106's, which is not permitted according to the PSB. He advised that approximately 262 employees had not been paid overtime but would be paid on November 2nd. Unfortunately, 22 or more employees have still not been paid as of the time of this message. He also indicated that the agency might have to explore the option of a third-party vendor to handle overtime pay. The Board was very receptive to this idea.


I spoke to the Deputy Superintendent this afternoon and he advised the remaining employees will be paid by November 3rd. The total number of affected employees is approximately 300. While we have no further definite information as to the causes of the pay issue, I will work pragmatically, along with VSPA General Counsel, to learn why the overtime pay issue persists. I also intend to address this issue, along with other issues, during an upcoming meeting with the Secretary of Public Safety and the Governor.


Getting you your pay was the VSPA’s first objective, however, it only serves as a short term solution. We need our members’ assistance to determine the best approach to a long term solution. If you were not paid for overtime worked during the Cardinal transition during the dates of Sept. 25 through Oct. 8, we need to hear from you. Please contact David at 804-495-1015 or me at 276-730-4375 to discuss.


If you were not paid for overtime worked and have not yet advised the Department, then contact Glenda Keene at 804-674-2796.  


The Department expressed that they would continue to work to resolve these issues and have arranged a meeting with the PSB. They also indicated that the last thing they want is for VSP members to not be paid properly.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and will continue to provide you information as it develops.  


Bill Carrico

Executive Director