Good Evening,

I would like to share with you something that has been brought to our attention. It appears that members are raising concerns on social media about the VSPA's Political Action Committee. I have asked Wayne to address your concerns:

It has been brought to my attention that members are raising concern that we have donated to the campaigns of Delegate Mark Levine, the patron of the “omnibus” firearms bill, HB961. So you are fully aware we have donated to Delegate Levin as follows: 

5/10/16 - $100
3/26/17 - $100
12/12/17 - $100
6/29/18 - $150
5/21/19 - $150
Obviously we had no idea in 2019 he would be carrying HB961 in 2020. We have donated to Delegate Levin because, since his arrival in the House, he has voted as we have requested every time we have made a request of him. In its original version HB961 a high capacity magazine was defined as one that held more than 10 rounds. It contained no exemption for the magazines we receive when we purchase our service weapons when we retire. As such they would have been illegal to possess in his original bill. I met with Delegate Levin last Thursday evening and explained why we desired an exemption for our magazines. He graciously agreed to amend his bill and as a result the amendment I reported in one of last Friday’s “all members” was offered and accepted. I believe that one of the reasons he agreed to our request was because of the relationship we have developed, not only with him, but with many members from both parties, in both Chambers of the GA. In fact 3 Democrats, Senator John Edwards and Delegates Lamont Bagby and Paul Krizek are carrying legislation for us this session. Also based upon statements made by several Senators in the media HB961 appears likely to fail in the Senate. If it does, it will have failed because 2 or more Democrats voted against it.
Simply stated we need 51 votes in the House and 21 votes in the Senate to advance any legislation. In other words we don’t have the luxury of excluding from donations someone because of their party affiliation or because they might sponsor something in the future, unknown to us now, that we may disagree with. As such, I don’t care whether they have a “D” or an “R” behind their name, as we require people from both parties to be successful.
One final point, someone thought that our PAC contributions might somehow affect our IRS status since they thought we were a 501c3. As a reminder, the ERF is a c3. The VSPA Inc., where our PAC is located, is a 501c5 where it has been located for far longer than I have been here and is audited every year by our Accounting firm. Its important people understand all of this before they start spreading rumors and uninformed information. 
We have in the past refused to contribute to a person/s because of what they have done but even then, and again recognizing we need 51 and 21, in this business you have to be prudent about holding grudges because you might need those with whom you disagree today as friends tomorrow. That’s the reality of politics, like it or not!


In closing, I feel the information that Wayne provided should adequately address your concerns. It would be more productive if you would simply educate yourself before spreading a thread of misinformation on a social media thread. Wayne, myself or even a board member is willing to assist you. Just another thought, get involved by coming to a board meeting or even visit the General Assembly while its in session. Our efforts are truly to be mutually helpful to one another!

Roy Kyle

Phone: (276) 608-6992