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Over the last 10 months, we've had great successes not only in serving the needy, but also in making great progress in leveraging technology to assist our volunteers working at the grass root levels. It is only through your kind donations, we've been very successful in making a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, patients, kids with various disabilities & needs. Thank you so much for your generosity & continued support in serving the needy.


  • VTSeva is a proud two-time winner of Linked-In Technology award.
  • VTSeva is now supported by 31 large corporations with their employee matching programs. Intel, LinkedIn, Apple, Google being the latest to our list. Click here for List of all corporations

Food/Toy Drives:  As a part of annual thanksgiving food drives, all the major chapters of VTSeva have participated in either collecting food locally for local food banks or helped sort thousands of pounds for food the homeless. Collectively, we have raised 15000+lbs. of food, a small step to eradicate hunger. Kudos to all those volunteers who tirelessly went door to door or stood in front of grocery stores or raised funds to feed the needy. 

Apart from collecting and donating food, some chapters conducted toy and book drive to help the children in need, this was well received by the community and the team also got good recognition from the respective organizations.

Please use the below links for pictures of these activities on our social site.


VTSeva conducts walk-a-thons to 

  1. Raise Cancer Awareness, support the fighters, admire the survivors and honor the taken
  2. Raise awareness about childhood obesity, preventions and cure.

Medical specialties are invited to educate the attendees on the respective topics, guide them on best practices and how to lead a healthy life. These walk-a-thons inspire and educate volunteers of all ages. These are the events, where entire community participates and all the proceedings go towards local hospitals and good causes. Below are some of the pictures from different VTSeva chapters.

Annual Fund Raising Events

Annual fund raising events are conducted in Dallas, New Jersey, Boston, Bay Area & Seattle, these events inspire a lot of youth and adult volunteers to come together for a noble cause. Each chapter choose a specific cause to inspire and raise funds, a lot of planning, hard work and dedication goes in conducting these events. Other chapters of VTSeva are also planning on coming up to conduct these annual events.

Summer Fund Raising Events

  • Procured 2 buses for Netra degree college students, As better teaching faculty is available in the main city of Hyderabad compared to Shamshabad area, VT Seva CEO HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji has decided to shift Netra Vidyalaya Degree College (College for visually challenged) classes from JIVA campus, Sriramanagar to JET Building @ Domalguda. Two mini buses are procured by VT SEVA for Netra Vidyalaya Degree College to enable the same

Emergency Medical Fund Raising Activity:

Cyclone Relief Fund Raising


The cyclone Hudhud pounded Vizag (Visakhapatnam) with gale winds of almost 200 kmph on Sunday, October 12th. Lack of power, non-availability of drinking water, disrupted communication, broken roads and depleting essential supplies have added to their woes. VT Seva CEO, HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, urged everyone to join hands to alleviate the suffering of the victims. He immediately pledged an amount of ~$20,000 (10 Lakh Indian Rupees) towards Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Relief Fund to aid in disaster relief. 

VTSeva has set a target of $40,000 to be raised towards the relief operations and also for the re-construction of destroyed property at Netra Vidayalya. Many generous donors came forward to support this initiative and raised $30096 and waiting on some more Corp matching funds to settle. More pictures and updates documented in section below.


Coimbatore Project        


VTSeva Seattle branch has donated $10K towards Universal Peace Foundation. Universal Peace foundation is a charitable non-profitable trust in Coimbatore that is home for about 225 orphans and underprivileged poorest of the poor children, a home for the destitute and differently abled persons and home for the uncared aged persons. VT Seva Seattle with support from local community will keep extending its support to help these needy children. 


Medical Equipment Fund Raising        


All the VTSeva chapters have come together for a 'National Fund Raising' opportunity to fill the need of procuring an urgent need of equipment's for JIMS hospital. With the funds raised by all the chapters, we've been able to procure below equipment's




Orthopedic Instruments

2 Lakhs

C-Arm ( Siements) 

9.5 Lakhs

Bipolar Cautery ( Eclipse - OM Surgicals )

3.5 Lakhs

 Isoflurane Vaporizer for OT       

2 Lakhs

Centrifuge - 8 Tube   


Semi Autoanalyzer 

1.75 Lakhs

Electrolyte Machine   

1.5 Lakhs

Hand held pulse oxymeter with Pediatric  


Fingertip pulse oxymeter


Fumigation Machine (Fugger Machine)    


 Rs. 22,35000


First Hand Reports - Visit to Netra Vidyalaya & Schools for Tribal


Many VTSeva youth volunteers and adults visit Netra Vidyalaya School and Schools for the tribal to get firsthand experience and interact with the beneficiaries. The youth are encouraged to spend few days with the students and share knowledge with them using some crash course in English, Math & Science. This process with establish a bond between them and also benefit mutually. Below are some links of such visits.


Experience of VT youth after their visit, in their own words, "I was beyond enlightened with the love and care the students gave me and my family who came along. I'm not sure what i did for them but they have truly opened my eyes and taught me so much, not only about what they do in school, but also about confidence and determination. I initially walked into the school not expecting much but when i walked out i learned and gained so much knowledge. They showed us all their talents from singing to dancing and much more. I was amazed to see all of them perform. This trip definitely helped me realize what and why we are doing service activities and fundraisers, I can clearly see where all the money is going and every penny is worth it. Hopefully this is just the start and this experience is definitely a beginning to many more service activities"


US Presidential Service Awards: 


VTSeva is one of the few nonprofit organizations that is recognized by US Presidents office for their services and all the volunteers are awarded with certificate and medal if they meet a certain number of hours in an annual year. In the last 10 months, 21 VTSeva volunteers have received US Presidential service awards. These awards not only help the youth for their required service hours and recognition in schools and colleges but are very motivating to get a recognition from the president's office for their service, it inspires them to do more for the needy. Click here for more details.

Activities by India VT Team:


VTSeva's sister organization in India 'Vikasa Tarangini' conducts activities throughout the year to benefit the needy, create awareness in the masses, motivate others to support and stand for noble causes. Below are only a gist of some of the activities our volunteers do on a daily basis.


      Organ Donation Walk-a-thon

      Services Activities

      Women health care - Medical camps


Mahila Arogya Vikas is conducting camps in remote villages in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. The free camps are giving second life to many women. 150 to 170 women are screened in each camp. Free medicines worth Rs.300 are provided to each patient for treatment. So far, 300+ Free Camps were conducted where 2+ lakh women were examined and treated.


In numbers:

323+ total number of medical camps

22864+ V.I.A

5019+ Pap smear

2987+ Ultra Sound Scan

1830+ Mammography

1569+ Biopsy

66+ Breast surgery

312+ Hysterectomy

94+ Pre Cancer Diagnosis

239666+ Surveys & Awareness



Cyclone HudHud

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  • Welcome to Raghu Konda as VTSeva's Seattle Branch Director.
  • Welcome to Shyam Sunder as 'Director of Corporate Grants - West Coast'
  • Welcome to Padmini Chennapragada as 'Director of Grants writing'

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