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March 2023

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How to Become More Adaptable in Challenging Situations

by Jacqueline Brassey and Aaron De Smet

In unfamiliar, high-stakes situations, it can be difficult to remain calm and open-minded. Our instinctive reaction is to stick with what has worked for us in the past. That’s normal, yet defaulting to old habits in new situations that call for new solutions is usually a recipe for failure. The challenge is that new, high-pressure situations often create a level of anxiety that triggers the very reactions that tend to limit us, stifling innovation. Navigating periods of turbulence successfully requires leaders to adopt a sophisticated form of self-mastery that we call Deliberate Calm. Click HERE to learn more about how leaders can develop this practice through its three elements: learning agility, emotional self-regulation, and dual awareness.

How to Equip Your Team to Problem Solve Without You
10 Important Conversations to Have When Building a High-Performing Team

Overcoming 2023's Biggest Appraisal Challenges

by HousingWire Content Solutions Team

From an appraiser shortage to turn-time challenges amid record-breaking volumes, the past few years have been a whirlwind for the appraisal industry. HousingWire recently sat down with Jaro Managing Director Gareth Borcherds to learn what steps housing professionals can take to speed up appraisals. Click HERE to learn about the biggest appraisal challenges you foresee in the coming year, and how can they be mitigated, and more.

7 Fears You Need to Overcome to Achieve Your Leadership Potential

By Gordon Tredgold

I remember my coach telling when I took my first leadership position, that “if you’re not afraid, then you don’t really know what leadership is all about”. She was right, not only is leadership difficult but at times it can be scary too. One mistake, if it’s big enough, can end your dreams of becoming a great leader. My coach then told me “it’s okay to be afraid, but you have to harness that energy and overcome those fears if you are to become a great leader”. Click HERE to learn about seven fears to master and overcome to help you on your journey to achieving your full leadership potential.

Why CEOs Should Lead With Optimism - Even in Uncertain Times

Workforce Flexibility is a Banking Innovation

by Debbie Bianucci, President & CEO, BAI

Financial services executives have many important issues on their minds in 2023. Externally, the economic environment, market volatility and regulatory pressures are ever-present concerns. Customer growth and digital transformation also remain important priorities. Interestingly, for the first time since the survey started tracking executive priorities, the quest to attract and retain top talent was identified as one of the top three business challenges in the year ahead. The issues around hiring and retaining top talent won’t be resolved anytime soon. In fact, many financial services executives believe that staffing challenges will become even more pronounced next year. If this is the case, why do so many bank executives resist flexible working models? Click HERE to read on.

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8 Lessons the Southwest Airlines Fiasco Can Teach Bankers

Imposter Sellers, Fraudulent Notaries, Mail-Away Closings, and Non-Owner Occupied Land ... Oh MY!

from Investors Title

Fraudsters are continually looking for areas in which we have become comfortable, complacent, or take things for granted, and this most recent scenario is no different. The purpose of this alert is to promote awareness of the increase in recent deed/notary fraud scams involving mail-away executions and non-owner-occupied land. If you have a transaction that has any of the elements outlined on the ATTACHED, closely examine the transaction for red flags and take precautions when necessary. Read more HERE from the United States Secret Service on real estate scams with vacant property.

Recession Readiness for Small Businesses

by Jay Jung

While Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has recently dismissed fears of a recession, other economists disagree. Whether or not the US is on the verge of a recession today, wise business leaders are always prepared for one. Toward this end, a thorough understanding of your small business’s finances becomes critical. Click HERE to read Jay Jung's explanation as to how small businesses can prepare for a recession by investing in finance and creating a restructuring plan.

Storytelling With a Twist Powers Small-Business Connections for This Community Bank
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'Homeownership Wins in Any Market:' How Real Estate Agents Can Do the Same

from RealTrends

An educated agent wins in today’s market. Two things are critical right now – national understanding of what’s happening around the country in real estate combined with an agent’s local expertise. The national real estate perspective is so important because when someone reads an article or turns on the news, they are educated on the national real estate market, and often times it’s either sensationalized or told in a way that isn’t easy to understand what’s really going on. That’s where the educated agent comes in, they are able to simply and effectively explain to the client exactly what’s happening. This allows them to instantly build credibility and trust. Click HERE to learn more.

How to Shift Your Marketing to Get Listings in a Shifting Market
Build Relationships That Last Through Good, Bad Markets

Serving a Diverse Clientele Raises Your Credibility

from REALTOR® Magazine

You’re excluding a lot of potential customers by not serving different types of communities. Two REALTORS® explain why DEI is a business decision. Click HERE to learn more.

Don't Be the Reason Your Clients Break Up
Problems Solved - How Realtors Provide Immeasurable Value
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Are Millennials a Generation of Renters?
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Virginia Title Center Offers Comprehensive Commercial Services
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Did you know that Virginia Title Center’s skilled and dedicated team of experienced professionals are focused on meeting the unique needs of each client?

Our knowledgeable team includes two Certified Commercial Underwriters with over 35 years of combined experience, along with thirteen seasoned Settlement Processors. We take pride in delivering exceptional service for any size, type and complexity of commercial transaction.

Our comprehensive commercial services include:
  • Coordination of Title Searches
  • Commercial Title Insurance and Endorsements
  • Escrow Services
  • Closing and Disbursement Services
  • 1031 Exchange Services facilitated through Investors Title Exchange Corporation

Virginia Title Center offers cost effective title and settlement services with competitive rates to help reduce closing costs.
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Important Information Regarding Receipt of Closing Packages
Virginia Title Center appreciates your support and cooperation in submitting your closing packages with clear to close no less than 24 hours before the scheduled date and time of closing.

It is the practice of our settlement processing team to review the documents submitted for accuracy prior to providing them to our closers. Often, our mobile closers need to travel up to an hour to the closing destination and also choose to review documents for questions prior to closing.

This 24 hour standard allows us to keep the client the top priority, and assure a smooth closing. A positive experience reflects favorably on you, your company, and Virginia Title Center. If your closing department is unable to meet this 24 hour prior to closing target, we will request that the closing be rescheduled.

Please share this with your team members as appropriate. Thank you for your understanding.
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