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June 2017
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How to Calm Type A Tendencies
by Laura Maddalena

I've often admired people who are flexible and laid back; who have a more carefree approach to life and live in the moment. I know I can benefit from a dose of that approach, although I'll admit those traits often trigger my Type A tendencies.  I like to seize the day, get a lot done, check things off my list, and feel a sense of accomplishment most of the day. Read on to learn about the six strategies for calming your Type A tendencies and channeling them productively.  Click HERE to read more.

10 Phrases That Make You Sound Less Confident
by Lolly Daskal

Confidence is a key component of success, and part of building and maintaining confidence is looking for the  little things that may be undermining it every day.

One place to look carefully is the language you use.  Words have power--they send a message about who you are. Click HERE to find out what words to watch out for  in your writing (especially email, where we're often more casual), in your speech, even in your thoughts. Take a careful look and make sure you aren't harming your own confidence.

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Small Business, Big Attraction: Can small business banking be personal?
by David Sosna

...Bankers can progress from a reactive, customer-support-oriented approach to a proactive one: highlighting opportunities that address the specific needs of individual companies within their account base. This can improve small business performance, increase bank wallet share, and strengthen customer relationships.

The best small business banks will operate with this proactive approach that engages customers with highly contextual, personalized insights and advice. Click HERE to read more.

Small Businesses Are Confronting Bank Lending Hurdles
by Joyce M. Rossenberg,Associated Press

Banks and government data point to a recovery in small-business loans since the recession, with loan figures nearly back to their 2008 levels. But many company owners say while they're more upbeat about the economy, they're not planning to ask banks for financing.

Some have enough on hand. That's what nearly half of the companies queried said in a survey released in March by the Federal Reserve's regional banks. But 27 percent said they didn't want to take on debt.  Click HERE to read more.

Who Can Attract the Young Workforce in Mortgage Finance?
by Brena Swanson

How many of you knew you wanted to go into the housing industry? 

After all, it doesn't sound as cool as the doctors, teachers or fireman we dreamt of growing up. But just because people didn't know they were going to end up in mortgage finance, doesn't mean the field doesn't come with a "cool factor." We simply need to make sure we are sharing the right messages about the space.   Click HERE to read on.
Banks are Marketing Like It's 1999
by Jim Marous

Despite having access to more data and better digital tools than ever, bank and credit union marketers are not keeping pace with industry trends and consumer demands. Smaller financial institutions in particular are falling behind in applying modern technology. 

Click HERE to learn more about the results from the 2017 Financial Marketing Trends report, and how local banks can adapt their marketing strategies to achieve greater results.
The Key to Boosting Employee Engagement ... It's Not What You Think
by Mark Baril

... conflict advisors who work with individuals, leaders, and teams on-site in all kinds of organizations, what consistently rises to the top is this factor: an individual's sense of being heard, appreciated, and contributing constructively to something important. Employees want to feel that their work means something and their ideas matter. They want to feel they are being respected by their peers, their superiors and the leadership of the company. They feel inspired by an environment in which teams are working together to achieve common goals.  Click HERE to read on.

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