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September 2018
Title Notes E-News

How Great Managers Can Help Reduce Stress

As a great manager, you need to reassure your team members that you are aware of their stress level and share with them on how to reduce stress in the workplace.  Here are simple ways to reduce stress in the workplace that will not only improve their lives but you will create loyal team members who enjoy coming to work each day:
  • Set clear goals for your employees
  • Encourage mindfulness with your team
  • Offer a flexible work environment
  • Encourage employees to move their bodies
  • Workplace recognition
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VTC Making An Impact In Our Communities

Virginia Title Center, along with The Jessee Realty Group of RealStar Realtors, Ernie Chandler with OVM Financial, and Bill Gellespie with Allstate Insurance produced a great family event on Saturday, August 4th. Hot dogs, inflatables, live music by Adam's Son, temporary tattoos, and more brought families to The Shoppes of West Village in Roanoke to celebrate. School Supply donations were accepted for The Rescue Mission's Back 2 School Blast Program which helped more than 1,000 area school children get ready for the start of the school year. We love giving back!

Samaritan's Feet , a nationwide Christian mission organization specializing in washing the feet of impoverished children around the world and adorning them with new shoes, partnered with the local offices of Movement Mortgage to outfit homeless or low-income men, women, and children with new footwear.

Movement Mortgage raised $10,000 which provided 500 shoes and socks for events held in August at The Rescue Mission in Roanoke and YMCA in Lynchburg. Virginia Title Center made a financial donation on behalf of our 15 teammates, to enable 15 individuals to receive a new pair of shoes and socks. Volunteer participation at the Roanoke event brought it full circle for VTC teammates, leaving us feeling enriched and humbled.

Gail Duffy, Kelsey Dickerson, Patti Dickerson, Debbie Elig

Check out the following links for great press on this event from WFXR News and The Roanoke Times,  and to learn more about the Samaritan's Feet program.
A Little Less Regulation From the CFPB, a Little More Action From the States
Why decreases in federal oversight brings more regulations
by John Vong

While a decrease in federal mortgage regulations may, at first, appear to be good news for lenders, it is important to remember Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion, which says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, if federal mortgage regulations and enforcements decrease, we can expect state mortgage regulations and enforcements to continue to increase, creating new (and more complex) compliance challenges. Click HERE to read more.
Securitization for Community Banks
Access to capital markets provided for $200 million-$10 billion banks.
by Rob McDonough

Community banks face many struggles in today's competitive and highly regulated financial services industry, but many do not realize the hardships that smaller financial institutions in particular face when accessing the capital markets. This can scare off many investors, particularly those that are unfamiliar with the community banking space and its risks and rewards. However, recent developments in the capital markets have provided a new and improved approach to effectively direct investor capital to these institutions. Click HERE to read more.

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How to Start Team Accountability When You Never Have Before
by David Dye

It's never too late to begin practicing team accountability. When you take responsibility, reset expectations, equip your team to practice accountability, and celebrate as you practice new behaviors together, you create a foundation for transformational and breakthrough results.Click HERE to read David's steps for success.

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Simple Productivity Hacks to Immediately Improve Your Effectiveness
by Julie Winkle Giulioni

Perhaps you find yourself continually challenged to meet escalating expectations and "do more with less." What's necessary are straightforward, doable strategies that simplify your day and transform potential into productive outputs. Read more.

Can You Be an Independent Thinker and a Team Player?
by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

"In our research, we looked carefully at teams that produced something original and those that were merely average, where nothing really sparkled. It turned out that the teams with deviants outperformed teams without them. In many cases, deviant thinking is a source of great innovation," reports Richard Hackman, Harvard Professor.  Read more.

Three Ways to Refresh Your Organization's View of Compliance 

Resources to Prevent Your Company From Becoming A Victim

E-Mail Security Best Practices


Social Engineering Red Flags


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