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October 2022

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in Observance of Columbus Day

Be a Better Leader by Wagging Your Tail

by Krissi Barr, co-author of The Fido Factor: How to Get a Leg Up at Work

Dogs can teach us a thing or two. Have you ever thought about how to apply canine behavior to your leadership style? There are interesting approaches your dog would encourage you to try if you want to be a better leader. Leadership is more art than science, and more emotion than logic. The actions and behaviors that roll up to form an effective leader, when you boil them down, are actually pretty simple. And they are very similar to why we love dogs so darn much. Dogs are faithful, inspirational, determined and observant. These four core qualities—the Fido Factors—are the basis of the unexpected reason why we can learn leadership lessons from dogs. Click HERE to learn more.

Setting Boundaries in Your Leadership Role
Top 4 Questions About Leading and Communicating with Impact in Today's Reality

Pamela Kotz Celebrates 25 Years With Virginia Title Center

Pleased join us in congratulating Pam on 25 years

of dedicated service with Virginia Title Center!

How Housing Market Deterioration Will Disrupt Home Lending

by Steve Cocheo

Goldman Sachs forecasts further reductions in home sales and a fall and then flattening of home prices. This will further erode the primary mortgage business, already down as high rates have severely squashed refinancing business. Falling prices will impact the home equity credit business, which had been building back. Click HERE to learn more.

The Face of the Lending Landscape is Changing

Lenders need to mirror the communities they serve to survive the next wave of buyers

by Dr. Vanessa Montanez

The buyers today are diverse. For a lender to stay relevant and thrive, changes are needed. First, the lender needs to mirror the communities they serve. Second, the lender needs to hire a diverse sales organization. Third, the lender needs to understand the market needs. If the buyers are younger and more diverse, the lender needs to hire accordingly. Is your company making the necessary changes to thrive? Click HERE to read on.

WEBINAR ALERT: Heading Towards a "New Normal" -- Are eMortgages Part of Your Plan? Tuesday, October 18th at 2:00 pm -- REGISTER HERE
How Local Lenders Can Support Homeownership in Today's Housing Market
How to Stay Competitive With Specialty Mortgage Products Heading Into 2023

Why Banking as a Service May Be the Best Community Bank Survival Strategy

by Vince Curotto

The challenges facing existing bank-fintech relationships will open opportunities for new partner banks to emerge as the banking as a service (BaaS) industry enters a new phase of its evolution. The current market environment not only presents a compelling opportunity to launch banking services that meet the demands of regulators and fintech partners, but also offers a lifeline to community banks struggling to accelerate growth and increase profitability beyond that of their current services. Click HERE to learn more.

5 Strategies for Efficiency and Growth in Community Banks
Three Factors Can Make or Break Your Bank's Strategic Plan

The Journey to True Success

by Dan Rockwell

Beginnings determine endings. When you pursue material success and neglect self-awareness you lose yourself to possessions, position, power, and prestige. The journey toward true success begins with self-awareness. “Developing self-awareness by understanding your life story and reframing your crucibles should be the starting point on every person’s path to becoming a leader.” George and ClaytonSelf-aware leaders know their strengths and accept their weaknesses. Gaining self-awareness requires introspection and feedback. Click HERE to read on.

Why Some Feedback Hurts (and What To Do About It)

The Value of Turning Bank Employees Into Entrepreneurs

by Nymbus

Most banking employees won't chuck their day job to hit the start-up trail (although a side-hustle could be useful), but they can bring an entrepreneurial spirit into their bank or credit union. That can make all the difference in keeping the institution relevant in a time of rapid innovation. Investor/author Marcus Whitney explains the why and how, click HERE to learn more about his insights.

Tapping Into a New Talent Pool for Banking
The X Factor for Improving Front-Line Employee Engagement

The Future of Business Banking: Fintech Innovation + Human Advice

by Steve Cocheo

ConnectOne Bank doubles down on technology by creating an innovation office, creating a new niche vertical, and hiring more tech staff. At the same time management continues to believe that in-person expertise is a business banking edge. Click HERE to learn more about how they have leveraged this model to create success.

Banking Opportunities Growing on the Farm
4 Ways to a Deeper Banking Connection with SMBs
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The Easy Way to Make Property Listings Stand Out
Experts: Changes to Supply Chain Will Benefit Commercial Real Estate
Key Stats to Watch In a Challenging Real Estate Market
7 YouTube Channels Real Estate Agents Should Be Watching
7 Most Popular Bathroom Upgrades
19 Things That Can Hurt Your Property Value and Which Ones You Can Fix
Help Sellers Regain Confidence After a Buyer Backs Out
Virginia Title Center Offers Comprehensive Commercial Services
Click HERE for more information on how we can assist you.
Did you know that Virginia Title Center’s skilled and dedicated team of experienced professionals are focused on meeting the unique needs of each client?

Our knowledgeable team includes two Certified Commercial Underwriters with over 35 years of combined experience, along with thirteen seasoned Settlement Processors. We take pride in delivering exceptional service for any size, type and complexity of commercial transaction.

Our comprehensive commercial services include:
  • Coordination of Title Searches
  • Commercial Title Insurance and Endorsements
  • Escrow Services
  • Closing and Disbursement Services
  • 1031 Exchange Services facilitated through Investors Title Exchange Corporation

Virginia Title Center offers cost effective title and settlement services with competitive rates to help reduce closing costs.
Did You Know That Virginia Title Center Offers Free Settlement Quotes 24/7 Through Our On-line Quote Calculator?
Visit our website and give it a try today!
Click HERE for a sample
Important Information Regarding Receipt of Closing Packages
Virginia Title Center appreciates your support and cooperation in submitting your closing packages with clear to close no less than 24 hours before the scheduled date and time of closing.

It is the practice of our settlement processing team to review the documents submitted for accuracy prior to providing them to our closers. Often, our mobile closers need to travel up to an hour to the closing destination and also choose to review documents for questions prior to closing.

This 24 hour standard allows us to keep the client the top priority, and assure a smooth closing. A positive experience reflects favorably on you, your company, and Virginia Title Center. If your closing department is unable to meet this 24 hour prior to closing target, we will request that the closing be rescheduled.

Please share this with your team members as appropriate. Thank you for your understanding.
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
Protect Your Clients From Wire Fraud
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Virginia Title Center is committed to serve you with unmatched expertise, exceptional customer service and a comprehensive selection of title and settlement solutions to help you grow and succeed. 
Our professionalism, technical knowledge and experience provide security as we insure protection for your most valued investment.