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By Karen Scott, Publisher

This month, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Vending Technology News. The twice-monthly newsletter has gained quite a following in the vending industry, and plans are in the works for an even more engaging dialogue about the exciting world of vending technology.

Vending Connection launched VTN last year after recognizing that technology - more than any other factor - has rejuvenated the refreshment services industry, and that vending operators must embrace technology to be successful.

Reader feedback has been outstanding and the VTN staff encourages suggestions for new topics to explore as we begin our second year. (Just click the link at the top of the newsletter to make a suggestion.)

The newsletter began as an idea. Our associates in all sectors of the industry - the operators, the technology providers, the equipment manufacturers, the equipment distributors and others - liked the idea and encouraged us to make it a reality.

Since its debut on June 15, 2016, VTN has been reporting about how vending operators of all sizes have used technology to improve their customer service and build more efficient operations - and realize better profits.
VEnding Technology News

Opt Connect Cellular Connectivity for Vending
The JuiceBot machine connects to the ePort Connect for processing, reporting, loyalty and more

USA Technolog ies has partnered with JuiceBot, a California based technology company reimagining food and beverage distribution systems.

JuiceBot's first kiosk machine protects raw, cold pressed juice from light and heat oxidation while eliminating pre-packaging.

The company will leverage USAT's API, Quick Connect, to process cashless transactions quickly and securely, track the acceptance of cash, credit or debit cards, and mobile wallet payments, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

JuiceBot recognized the need to go cashless due to the inherent danger of handling raw foods - employees stocking the machines with fresh ingredients should not be handling cash. 

NAYAX One complete award-winning system

N&W Global Vending Merges With Cafection
N_W Global Vending
N&W Global Vending and Cafection Enterprises have entered a joint venture to manufacture and sell premium coffee machines for the North American office coffee service market and for development of sales in other countries.
Cafection Enterprises

N&W and Fran├žois Baron, Cafection's owner, will create a joint venture that will acquire 100 percent of Cafection and include access to N&W's capabilities. N&W will own a 67 percent stake in the joint venture, while Baron will retain a 33 percent stake and become CEO. The joint venture will continue with the "Cafection" brand and will be based in Quebec City.

Microtronic US Transfer Station
The station allows Debitek card balances to transfer to Microtronic.
Microtronic US has introduced a transfer station designed for vending operators using legacy Debitek stored-value payment systems. The device permits balances on Debitek cards to be transferred to Microtronic's payment media.

The transfer station represents a mature stored-value technology that easily can replace Debitek end-of-life installations.
Microtronic offers cashless payment options for applications ranging from vending and micro market operations through self-service laundry, photocopying and other unattended points of sale. 

Its vending interface is widely used in jail systems, while its micro market options include interfacing with single-cup coffee brewing and bag-in-box fountain soft drink dispensing. It integrates readily with contemporary retail automation solutions.

VendCentral Marketing

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