February 1, 2023
Lent Devotion Books

Once again, I’ve written devotions for Lent. This year’s theme is Pilgrimage. I chose this theme because I am going on pilgrimage this summer to Iona. However, you don’t have to be preparing to leave home as pilgrimage can also be an inward journey, appropriate to the season of Lent. The stages of pilgrimage are no different if you are actually taking a journey or are journeying within yourself. I hope you’ll enjoy approaching Lent as a pilgrim with me.
Bless the Lent We Actually Have - A Women’s Intergenerational Book Study
Mondays February 27 - April 3 at 10:30 am in the Library
Teachers: Teresa Edwards and Ann Smith

Using the book, The Lives We Actually Have by Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie, women of all ages are invited to navigate together the season of Lent.  

This book of blessings makes us mindful of the world in which we live, which demands relentless perfectionhappy marriages and easy friendships; bucket list-level adventures and matching family photos–but what if our actual lives don’t feel very #blessed? Might our everyday existence be worthy of a blessing too? Even an average Tuesday?

Formatted like a prayer book, The Lives We Actually Have is an oasis and a landing spot for weary souls, with blessings that focus on the full range of human moments: garbage days, lovely days, grief-stricken days, and even (especially) completely ordinary days. These heartfelt blessings are a chance to exhale when we feel everything from careworn to restless, devastated to bored. Let’s have a reminder that we don’t need to wait for perfect lives when we can bless the lives we actually have. Books can be ordered from Amazon or Cokesbury. Keep in mind this book is a newly published work scheduled to be released in mid-February. Pre-order yours today and plan to join us.
Sunday Afternoon Lent Prayer Study
Sundays February 26 - April 2 at 5:00 pm
Teacher: Ann Smith

Lent is a season for prayer and introspection. I invite you to be part of a gentle, prayer-focused group using Pamela Hawkins’ book The Awkward Season: Prayers for Lent. The book offers a prayer path to guide you through Lent. There are daily prayers, scripture readings, and a time of silence for you to do individually. A weekly one-hour gathering on Sunday afternoons at the church allows you to pray, reflect, and worship with other group participants.

The group gathering will meet weekly for the six weeks of Lent. Books can be ordered from Upper Room Books, Cokesbury, or Amazon. For more information or questions, contact Ann.
Wednesday Night Book Study
Wednesday Nights March 1 - April 5 at 6:00 pm in the Library
Teacher: Jon Brown

Many of us spend our days feeling like we're the only one with problems while everyone else has their act together. However, the sooner we realize that everyone struggles like we do, the sooner we can show grace to ourselves and others.

Join Jon in the library on Wednesdays as we explore Zahl’s book, which offers a liberating view of human nature, sin, and grace, showing why the good news of Christianity is both urgent and appealing. By embracing a more accurate view of human beings, readers will discover a true and lasting hope.
On Sunday I used a bank as part of my children’s lesson. A couple of people asked me about where it came from and how to get one. The one I had is called a Moonjar. It has three parts to help children learn to give, save and not just spend. I know there are others out there and I get no commission, but this one came from Amazon
The Chancel Choir is once again seeking any and all who enjoy music to join us for this year's Easter program! This season promises to be full of joy, as we'll be preparing selections from Handel's Easter Messiah, with choir, narrators, soloists and orchestra. This program will work in conjunction with an Easter Sunday service that is not to be missed, and we hope that you'll consider being a part of it! If you or anyone you know is interested in singing, just attend practice starting next Tuesday, 2/7, at 7:15 pm. Note that if you just want to sing with the Easter program and not participate in Sunday services, that is welcome; we always appreciate our seasonal singers.

Look forward to seeing you at practice!
Hope for the Heart of Georgia is bringing an adult and youth “Celebration Event” to the Centreplex in March. In the days of yore, we would have called this a crusade, but times have changed. In preparation for the events, they are conducting training classes for those who want to be encouragers at the event. 

To be part of the Encourager Team, you will need to attend 3 sessions. One part of these classes is devoted to learning how to be more invitational and how to share our faith story with others. These are skills with which we can all use help. There will be a handout in the bulletin Sunday with class options. We are hosting a class at Vineville each Tuesday at 7:00 om. You can find a complete listing at HopeForTheHeartofGeorgia.com.

We Need YOUR Help!

No matter how brilliant the teacher, no matter how gifted the singer, no matter how inspiring the prayer, if there is nobody present to hear, little, if anything, is accomplished. If the staff designs amazing experiences for children and youth, but nobody knows when and where to show up, the effort is wasted. Communication is critical. Effective, timely, winsome communication is mission-critical.

At Vineville we are searching for the lynchpin of our communication. We need a creative, detail-oriented, team player. Vineville is a great place to work despite the senior minister. This is a full-time position with salary and benefits. In the past, this position has been called different things, including publisher, administrative assistant to the staff, and publicist. In some circles, it might be identified as a print and media designer or even the director of communications. I say all of this to get you thinking outside of the box. Some might think, "Well I don’t know any 'church secretaries,' so I can’t help." Are you part of any organization that has great communication pieces? Do you know people in the communication or publication industries? There are a host of places from which our next Vineville communicator might come.

This is where we need your help. If you thought of anybody while you have been reading this, call them and tell them about the position. Share this description with people you know who do publisher newsletters for schools, non-profits, clubs, and other organizations. Maybe they have a friend. Help your church spread the word. Help us fill this vital role on the team.

If you have names and contact information to share, send it to Cass at
Cducharme@vinevillemethodist.org. You can direct people to send inquiries and resumes to him as well. Thank you for your help.

Our annual Father-Daughter Dance is coming up on February 16th at 6:00 p.m. Little girls and their fathers and other special friends will walk the red carpet and then dance the night away.

Tickets are $35 for a father + 1 daughter; each additional daughter is $10. Dinner and "swag bags" are included. You can register in Realm by clicking the picture.

On the morning of February 16th, I would love to have some help in decorating the CLC. We will get started at 9:30 am. The more help we have, the faster it will go! You can let me know ahead of time or just show up that day. Thank you in advance!
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February 3-5
Jon Brown

Sunday, February 5
In loving memory of
Dorothy and Rudolph Jones and their daughter, Jeanne Jones Holliday,
by their family

Sunday, February 5
Marilyn Allen, Harriett Durkee,
Murray Manocheo, Sharon Walker

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January 3, 2023
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