March 15, 2023
Our Mission to Costa Rica
The Mission Team did a great job sharing the story of where and why they are going. The food and fellowship were great. I am thankful for all who played a part in making it such a great day!

The lunch was a very successful fundraiser, but we could still use your help. We want this to be Vineville’s trip and not just the mission team's. As we commit to praying for the team and their trip, we make it more than their trip. Our financial support also makes it clear that they go, representing the rest of us who stay in Macon. I want to ask you to consider joining me in making a gift to support our Vineville missionaries. No gift is too small- or too large for that matter. If we each make a gift, we can reduce the cost of the trip for the team. They signed up knowing the cost was $1,600. They are willing to pay, but let’s step up and reduce that significantly. You can give online or make a check payable to Vineville and mark it "mission team".

Thank you for supporting our team.

Take time during Holy Week to intentionally engage Christ’s passion and your time of prayer, study, and devotion.

Guided Prayer with prayer stations and prayer labyrinth
Monday at 6:00pm in the CLC
Ann Smith and Teresa Edwards
Take time this week for prayer and meditation on Christ’s journey and our journey. We will meet together to share around what our prayer labyrinth and prayer stations hold for you. It will be a time of quiet, peace, and dedication to the One who offers himself to us in love all the way to the cross.

Self Directed Labyrinth Prayer Walk and Prayer Stations
Tuesday: 8am to 5pm
Wednesday: 9am to 6:00pm
Thursday: 8am to 12:00pm
Everything you need is waiting for you as you take time to pray and lean in close to the story of Christ’s passion. It’s a journey that changes all of us. Please join us for this sacred time of prayer and practice of faith.

What Wondrous Love: Holy Week in Word and Art
Wednesday at 10:30am in the library
Drink in the words and images of Jesus’ life from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday with this lovely and poignant video. With exquisite artwork, scripture, and music, this will definitely add to your experience of Holy Week. We will start with morning prayer and finish with a blessing for the journey still before us. All are welcome.

Maundy Thursday Worship
6pm in the Sanctuary
This sacred and solemn time of worship invites us to join Jesus and the disciples at the table for the Last Supper. We will share together in Holy Communion as we contemplate the gift and sacrifice that this night holds for us and for the world.

Good Friday Worship
12pm in the Sanctuary
How can we call this day Good? Yet it’s goodness is realized in our worship and the deep knowledge of our life in Christ that comes from such a day. Take time to worship on this particularly faith filled day.
I want to encourage all of us to start thinking and praying about who we will invite to Holy Week and Easter worship. This is one of those times of year when people think about going to church. The number one reason individuals give for why they came to church is “somebody invited me.”

With more people leaning towards church in the Easter season it is the best time for us to be invitational. Make a short list of folks you will invite. Begin praying for them now. Keep your eyes and ears open to others that you encounter. God could use you to help an individual or a family find their place here at Vineville.

Rise Against Hunger is Tonight!

We will pack 12,000 meals together this evening. Pizza will be available at 5:15. You can eat when you get here. We will crank up the music and the assembly line at 6:15. Come join us for a night of fun and mission.

Get the Playlist for the 9:00 Service

Each of us has a jukebox in our brain. We can hear just a note or a word, and instantly, the lyrics are coming out of our mouths. We carry those tunes with us. When they come on the radio or when we hear them at a party, we hum or sing along. Similarly, we know the words to many of the hymns because we have sung them for years. Worshippers don’t sing as confidently when a song is unknown. In an effort to increase our confidence in singing, we have put out a playlist.

Mike has put together a playlist for the next 5 weeks. We will add to it in the near future. You can access the list by clicking either of the links included here. There is one for Apple Music and one for Spotify. The playlist is called Worship at Vineville. It has the music that Mike and the band will be playing over the next few weeks. If we listen as we move through our weeks, we can show up better prepared for worship. If we know the music we can sing without having to think about it. The words will reach to deeper places in more meaningful ways.

Tuesdays at 7:45 a.m.
Prayer Center

Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.
No Taize on 3/15

Thursdays at 7:30 a.m.
Sunday, March 12
9:00: 115
11:00: 164
Online: 265
March 17-19
Rev. Teresa Edwards

Sunday, March 19
In loving memory of
Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Jones on their wedding anniversary by their family

Sunday, March 19
Harriett Durkee, Joann Edwards,
Peggy Edwards, Susan Plaxico
Elizabeth Ann Camp Wyche
July 15, 1930 - March 9, 2023

to Roy Wyche upon the death of Elizabeth Wyche.

Jeff Couch
Sally Heard

Debbie McEachern
Rusty & Laurie Hilburn
Cole Tidwell

Elizabeth Wyche
Sally Heard
Rusty & Laurie Hilburn
Cole Tidwell
Jeanna Wright

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We have several ways to give to the church. You can mail a check to the church or click here to give online. Thank you for your generosity.