September 13, 2023
We kick off our new season of Music & the Arts at Vineville season this Sunday at 4:00. For 32 years we have been offering wonderful free events to our church and to the Macon community at large. Series like this are rare and becoming more so every year. Thanks to the vision of Dennis McCleary, continued leadership by Elizabeth Morgan, the service of many on the Music Committee, and your generous financial support, our series continues to thrive. 
Our first concert will be in the CLC rather than the sanctuary where most of the events are held. We are in for a treat as the season opener is our own Mike Kinnebrew. Sunday after Sunday, Mike shares his talent leading worship in our modern service. He and the band do a great job. On Sunday mornings Mike leads us in singing other people’s songs, but this Sunday afternoon, Mike will be sharing songs that he has written. The authenticity, the faith, and the creativity are amazing. You do not want to miss it. Mike shares his love of God and his faith as our worship leader. His songs do that and more. In addition, it is great to see somebody have as much fun as Mike has when he sings. Seeing his joy is a joy to watch. Join us at 4:00, this Sunday in the CLC for the Mike Kinnebrew Band.
Over the summer, I had the opportunity to train as a leader in a process called 3Practice Circles. Don’t get me started on how life-giving that experience was for me! Now I would like to share it with all of you.
Starting on Sunday, October 8, you are invited to enter the Faith Circle here at Vineville. These Zoom gatherings will happen for four Sundays in October (8,15,22 and 29) at 6:30 p.m. You can participate from the comfort of your own home wearing your comfy after-church clothes!
So what happens in a Faith Circle (a 3Practice circle)? In these circles, we learn to listen, ask good questions, and consider the perspectives of others when we agree and when we don’t agree. Each Faith Circle starts with a question or topic. During the hour, you can take two minutes to respond to the question, ask questions of the speaker that begin with the phrase, "I’d be curious to know", or simply listen and learn. At the end of the hour, we thank those who said something that spoke to us and to our faith.
The premise of the Faith Circle experience starts with the 3Practices:
One: I’ll be unusually interested in others.
Two: I’ll stay in the room with difference.
Three: I’ll stop comparing my best with your worst.
Our Faith Circle focus for the month of October is Scripture itself.
October 8: What is your favorite scripture and how does it shape your daily life?
October 15: What is a scripture that troubles you?
October 22: What is a scripture that brings you comfort?
October 29: What is a scripture that brings you hope in our broken world? 
Faith Circles are for men and women who want to grow in their faith - it’s as simple and as challenging as that my friends. Come as you are because no one will be called on to speak or talked over by others. I believe you will find this to be time well spent as I have over these last few months. Join me in the circle - it will add to your faith and your life.  To find out more or get the Zoom link, email Teresa Edwards at  
Tacos and Trivia
Ladies - this night is just for you! From tacos to trivia, this event has everything. All we need is you! Invite women from your Sunday school class, Bible Study group, book club, office, and neighborhood to be a part of a night you don’t want to miss! There’s still more - we will be supporting the ministry of the Methodist Home for Children and Youth by bringing a $10 dollar Fast Food Gift card. Make your reservations now for this night to remember for the women of Vineville UMC! You can sign up in Realm or call the church office to save your spot.
Bridge Class
It's not too late to join the Bridge Sunday School class! The class got off to a great start, but there is still room for you! The class studies the scripture text of each week’s sermon and takes a deeper dive into what it means for the church and for each of us. There is fellowship, discussion, and prayer. All you need to bring is a Bible or phone with a Bible App and an open heart to a fresh adventure of faith. There’s always room to grow in our love of God, one another, and the scripture. Let’s build a bridge together towards these grace-filled goals. For more info, contact Teresa Edwards, Ann Smith, or Sarah Hazelrig.  
Tuesdays at 7:45 a.m.
Prayer Center

Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Thursdays at 7:30 a.m.
Sunday, September 10
9:00: 110
11:00: 186
Online: 222
September 15-17
Rev. Teresa Edwards

Sunday, September 17
Harriett Durkee, Joann Edwards,
Peggy Edwards, Susan Plaxico

Sunday, September 17
In loving memory of Andy Anderson and in honor of his birthday by the family

Roy Wilder
Laurie Kay

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