May 16, 2019

At the Tuesday, May 7, 2019 , Special Board Meeting, the VUSD Board of Education presented selected students with the Outstanding Student Achievement Award. Selected students were recognized for their outstanding achievements in a specific area of curriculum. School site principals introduced the student(s) from their respective school and briefly spoke on why the student(s) was deserving of the special recognition. Congratulations to the students who were recognized for their exceptional accomplishments! The School Board also recognized and thanked the 2018-2019 high school student Board representatives for their service throughout the year. 
Additionally, the Board recognized the VUSD Excellence in Education Award winners. These employees were selected as VUSD School Employee, Elementary School Teacher, Middle School Teacher, High School Teacher, or Administrator of the Year for 2019. The VUSD Board and administration would like to extend their heartfelt congratulations to this year’s honorees and thank them all for their hard work and dedication to the students and families of Visalia Unified School District.
Visalia Adult School
Sequoia High School

Not pictured: Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson - Overall Achievement
L-R: Principal Reyes, Kasen Ellis, Elizabeth Santos,
Board Clerk Guerrero

Not pictured: Karla Aguilera-Navarro

 Kasen Ellis - USAV Spring Student of the Season
Elizabeth Santos - USAV Spring Student of the Season
Karla Aguilera-Navarro - Overall Achievement
Visalia Charter
Independent Study
Visalia Technical Early College
High School
L-R: Principal Reid, Mario Chavez, Board President Crabtree

 Mario Chavez - Overall Achievement
L-R: Principal Davis, Emma Fleetwood, Jacob Johnson,
Allison Campos, Board President Crabtree

Emma Fleetwood - Overall Achievement
Jacob Johnson - USAV Spring Student of the Season
Allison Campos - USAV Spring Student of the Season
Mt. Whitney High School
Redwood High School
L-R: Board Member Naylor, Caitlyn Nicole Winters,
Ambrose Joaquin Sedillo, Hope Zooibyam Vang,
Mark Anthony Ariaza, Principal Hamilton

Caitlyn Nicole Winters - USAV Spring Student of the Season
Ambrose Joaquin Sedillo - Citizenship Growth
Hope Zooibyam Vang - English
Mark Anthony Ariaza - USAV Spring Student of the Season
L-R: Principal Shin, Ethan Rasmussen, Gustavo Sanchez-Morales, Nollaig O'Donoghue, Marisa Perez Benevides,
Board Member Fulmer

 Ethan Rasmussen - USAV Spring Student of the Season
Gustavo Sanchez-Morales - Citizenship Growth
Nollaig O'Donoghue - English
Marisa Perez Benevides - USAV Student of the Season
El Diamante High School
Golden West High School
L-R: Board Member Foster, Dakotah Ybarra, Sara Seyedebrahimi, Jocelyn Evans, Daisy Soto Hernandez, Principal Hohne

 Dakotah Ybarra - USAV Spring Student of the Season
Sara Seyedebrahimi - Citizenship Growth
Jocelyn Evans - English
Daisy Soto Hernandez - USAV Spring Student of the Season
L-R: Board Member Gamoian, Andrew Haagensen, Jovina Fraticelli, Alexa Barraza, Virginia Duran-Camacho,
Principal Fregoso

Andrew Haagensen - USAV Spring Student of the Season
Jovina Fraticelli - Citizenship Growth
Alexa Barraza - English
Virginia Duran-Camacho - USAV Spring Student of the Season
Student Board Representatives 
L-R: Board President Crabtree, Chloe Brooks, Colin Watamura, Superintendent Oto

Not pictured: Bailey Stewart, Parker Boswell

Chloe Brooks - Student Representative to the Board
Colin Watamura - Student Representative to the Board
Bailey Stewart - Student Representative to the Board
Parker Boswell - Student Representative to the Board
VUSD 2019 Employees of the Year
L-R: Superintendent Oto, Robert Crow, Board Member Gamoian, Scott Duerksen, William Phelps Jr., Jody Nyberg, Jill Dinkins,
Board Member Naylor, Board President Crabtree

Jill Dinkins, Global Learning Charter School Administrative Assistant
School Employee of the Year

Jody Nyberg, Oak Grove Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher
Elementary School Teacher of the Year

William Phelps Jr., Green Acres Middle School Math Teacher
Middle School Teacher of the Year

Scott Duerksen, VTEC High School Science Teacher
High School Teacher of the Year

Robert Crow, Ridgeview Middle School Assistant Principal
Administrator of the Year
Visalia Unified School District exists to provide students with an education that affords them limitless opportunities for the future.