March 12, 2019

At the Tuesday, February 19, meeting, selected students were presented with the Outstanding Student Achievement Award. These students were recognized for their outstanding achievements in a specific area of curriculum. School site principals introduced the student(s) from their respective school and briefly spoke on why the student(s) was deserving of the special recognition.

We want to congratulate all the students that were recognized for their exceptional accomplishments and thank everyone who came out to support them. We also want to thank the Board of Education for their continued commitment to student achievement and public recognition of the positive and outstanding accomplishments of our VUSD students.
Visalia Charter Independent Study
L-R: Principal Reid, Andy Castillo, Board President Crabtree

Andy Castillo - Overall Achievement
Visalia Technical Early College High School
L-R: Principal Davis, Jeffrey McPhetridge, Janessa Bringe, Samantha Traeger, Board Member Vazquez

Jeffrey McPhetridge - USAV Winter
Janessa Bringe - Overall Achievement
Samantha Traeger - USAV Winter
Visalia Adult School
L-R: Principal Olson, Victor Serrano, Board Clerk Guerrero

Victor Serrano - Overall Achievement
Sequoia High School
L-R: Principal Reyes, Angel Lupian, Erin Riley,
Jade Navarrete, Board Clerk Guerrero

Angel Lupian - USAV Winter
Erin Riley - Overall Achievement
Jade Navarrete - USAV Winter
El Diamante High School
L-R: Board Member Naylor, Lucy Tazio, Kaylee Faria,
Spencer Lucas, Nestor Clavel, Dahye Sohn,
Parker Boswell, Principal Hohne

Lucy Tazio - USAV Winter
Kaylee Faria - VAPA - Choir
Spencer Lucas - VAPA - Band
Nestor Clavel - Industrial Technology
Dahye Sohn - Language Development Growth
Parker Boswell - USAV Winter
Golden West High School
L-R: Principal Fregoso, Manuel Alejandro Huziar,
Madilyn Farmer, Board Member Gamoian

Not pictured: Leann Medina, Omar Salazar-Muro,
Jesus Hernandez-Arreola, Iris Janeth Munoz Vazquez

Manuel Alejandro Huziar - USAV Winter
Madilyn Farmer - USAV Winter
Leann Medina - VAPA - Dance
Omar Salazar-Muro - VAPA- Band
Jesus Hernandez-Arreola - Industrial Technology
Iris Janeth Munoz Vazquez - Language Development Growth
Mt. Whitney High School
L-R: Board Member Foster, Eduardo Lopez-Mercado,
Xavier Bueno, Anne Pilegard, Adriana Larios Delgado,
Jose Avendano Quezada, Christopher Luna,
Sheilah Janai Jones, Principal Hamilton

Eduardo Lopez-Mercado - Industrial Technology
Xavier Bueno - VAPA - Band
Anne Pilegard - Orchestra
Adriana Larios Delgado - VAPA - Dance
Jose Avendano Quezada - Language Development Growth
Christopher Luna - USAV Winter
Sheilah Janai Jones - USAV Winter
Redwood High School
L-R: Principal Shin, Lesley Figueroa, Aiya Shouman,
Jayden Deisman, Elsy Romero, Alexander Vazquez,
Board Member Fulmer

Not Pictured: Daniel Sabogal

Lesley Figueroa - USAV Winter
Aiya Shouman - VAPA - Art
Jayden Deisman - VAPA - Band
Elsy Romero - Language Development Growth
Alexander Vazquez - Industrial Technology
Daniel Sabogal - USAV Winter
Community Partner Recognition
At the Tuesday, February 26 , Board meeting, the Board of Education and Visalia Unified School District recognized the Indian Women’s Association of the Central Valley in appreciation for their volunteer service in kindergarten classrooms at Washington Elementary School. The Association helps Washington’s most at-risk students read and develop math skills and provides generous donations of supplies to teachers.

Thank you, Indian Women's Association of Central Valley, for your continued support and partnership in helping us create futures!
L-R: Superintendent Oto, Preeti Verma, Principal Serrato, Reva Malli, Aman Malli, Jagruti Patel, Meera Nair, Board President Crabtree
Visalia Unified School District exists to provide students with an education that affords them limitless opportunities for the future.