March 20, 2019

At the Tuesday, March 12, Board meeting, selected students were presented with the Outstanding Student Achievement Award. These students were recognized for their outstanding achievements in a specific area of curriculum. School site principals introduced the student(s) from their respective school and briefly spoke on why the student(s) was deserving of the special recognition.

We want to congratulate all the students that were recognized for their exceptional accomplishments and thank everyone who came out to support them. We also want to thank the Board of Education for their continued commitment to student achievement and public recognition of the positive and outstanding accomplishments of our VUSD students.
Sequoia High School

L-R: Principal Reyes, Jessie Robledo, Board Clerk Guerrero

Jessie Robledo - Overall Achievement
Visalia Technical Early College High School
L-R: Jessica Hernandez, Learning Director Williams,
Board President Crabtree

Jessica Hernandez - Overall Achievement
Visalia Charter Independent Study
L-R: Assistant Principal O'Neal, Hagor Mohamed,
Board President Crabtree

Hagor Mohamed - Overall Achievement
Visalia Adult School

L-R: Principal Olson, Adelina Morris, Board Clerk Guerrero

Adelina Morris - Overall Achievement
Redwood High School
L-R: Principal Shin, Tania Jiroudi, William Ide,
Board Member Fulmer

Tania Jiroudi - Business
William Ide - Science
Golden West High School
L-R: Principal Fregoso, Christian Urbina, Colton Brunson,
Board Member Gamoian

Christian Urbina - Business
Colton Brunson - Science
El Diamante High School
L-R: Board Member Foster, Ying Yan, Lincoln Lillywhite,
Principal Hohne

Ying Yan - Science
Lincoln Lillywhite - Business
Mt. Whitney High School
L-R: Principal Hamilton, Nathan Barycki, Hannah Ellis,
Board Member Naylor

Nathan Barycki - Science
Hannah Ellis - Business
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