Wednesday, June 24
The Prophet Jeremiah encourages the Israelite people to figure out how to survive and even thrive in exile by caring for those around them. Even though the years of exile stretch on, Jeremiah comforts the people by reminding them that God will eventually guide them home.
Discussion Questions

  • After 25 years of exile in Babylon, what do you think it was like for God’s people?
  • It’s still a long time until the 70 years is up, how would Ezekiel’s vision help the people to keep trusting God?
Arm in Arm usually welcomes over 4,000 families to their food pantries, and during the pandemic, they have gone 100% mobile! Help feed our neighbors by donating extra non-perishable supplies at 61 Nassau Street.

Call or email the Arm in Arm office to find out when they are accepting donations: 609-396-9355 or

Here is a shopping list, and even if you don’t live in Central New Jersey, maybe you can donate to a food pantry near you.
Song time may include rhythm sticks and shakers. Homemade versions: two wooden kitchen spoons and small Tupperware containers with a Tablespoon of rice or beans (taped shut!).
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