I have the privilege of attending the Women’s Funding Network annual conference in San Francisco this September. The Women’s Funding Network is the largest philanthropic organization in the world devoted to women and girls. It is comprised of over 100 women’s funds, and private foundations all working to spark greater investment in issues affecting women and girls.

I had to smile when I read their mission ,
“to bring together the financial power and influence of funders of gender equity in order to address and solve critical and complex social issues ranging from poverty to global security.” Sound familiar? It is very similar to what we are working on here in our own home state of Vermont!

Change The Story and the Vermont Women’s Fund was recently showcased in the Women’s Funding Network’s newsletter as it dovetails with the mission and methodology of the Women’s Funding Network and many of our sister women’s funds.

I look forward to reporting back on my observations and experiences to all of you in the next VWF newsletter!