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However ambiguous the term, owners of Oakland “vacant” land will be subject to a new tax. There are some things we know about Measure W, but much of it is shrouded in mystery. We attempt to put the enacted ballot initiative in perspective here

Redwood City has put into effect a set of new rules governing minimum lease term and relocation payment assistance. We summarize the new regulatory regime and offer our takes in this article .

Finally, we take on the subject of tenant buyouts in this whimsical video . Other things being equal, tenant buyout agreements are often preferable to owner or relative move-in evictions because buyouts can avoid residue, with the owner indemnified of any surprises and claims of wrongful eviction down the road.
Buyout agreements are highly regulated and transparent transactions that require landlords to provide a statement of the rights of a tenant and afford ample time to consider the offer, among other requirements. If you or your clients are contemplating a buyout, please contact our office to see if it makes sense.