Vacation Bible School Dates

June 26th - 30th

Hey guys, get ready to "Make Waves" all across Beaufort at Vacation Bible School 2022! In this wet and wild VBS, kids will learn that when you put your trust in Jesus, you can "Make Waves" because His Spirit lives inside you. Your kids and their friends will leave understanding how to share God's love with the people around them. More details to come.

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VBS 2022...When / Where / Registration???

When and where is VBS 2022?

June 26th - 30th is the short answer. But every single day will be a stand alone event at a different location. Here is the breakdown...

Sunday: VBS will start in the afternoon at The Parish Church of St. Helenas, and culminate with a commissioning and dinner (2:00pm - 5:00pm + Dinner)

Monday: On mission out in the community...Battery Point... (9am - 12pm)

Tuesday: On mission out in the community...Cottage Farms...(9am - 12pm)

Wednesday: On mission out in the community...Habersham...(9am - 12pm)

Thursday: On mission out in the community...Waterfront Park downtown. (5:30pm - 7:30pm)

How do I register my kids?

Click HERE to register!

What is the theme?

"Make Waves", What you do today can change the world around you!

How many days is VBS?

Five, two, or three...It's all in how you look at it. Anyone and everyone is invited to the Sunday and Thursday experiences. So it's a two day event for anyone who does not live in one of the three communities listed above. It's a three day event for those who do. It can also be a five day event for those who volunteer. And yes, your children can volunteer too.

Which VBS event should I register for?

Everyone should register for Sunday and Thursday alone if you do not live in any of the three communities listed above. If you do live in one of these communities, then go ahead and register for your community in addition to the Sunday and Thursday events. We are marketing the Monday - Wednesday experiences to those community residents only. Kids that live in those neighborhoods can invite any friends they like.

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Whats's coming up at church?

  • June 26th to 30th - VBS
  • August - Kickoff dates coming soon
  • September - Parish Family Retreat dates coming soon!

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