June 4, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Long time, no see ☹. Our world is certainly a crazy place right now but the one thing that will not, in fact cannot change, is the love of God for all of his people. We had planned a traditional VBS (Vacation Bible School) for this summer but the pandemic has put a halt to that. Rather than just giving up we at Our Savior’s are offering this creative option; a “Backyard VBS” that you do at home using items that are common around the house or picked up very inexpensively!

I am sending a link to this program that allows you to do the program anytime that is convenient for your family (you have all summer), choose whatever 3 days work for you and do it then!

Below is a link to the content providers and here’s how it works:

  • Click on the link below
  • Scroll down to “Family License”
  • Purchase the family license directly from the website
  • Follow directions for leading your own VBS at home, in fact invite cousins or neighbors (as you see fit, remember we ARE still in a health crisis)
  • We will be doing a “Zoom Round-up” with Mister Cooper each Wednesday at noon so that I can see what you have done (crafts and such) and check in with the kids, so let me know by Wednesday morning and I’ll send you a link to the Zoom call.

I know VBS is more fun when we are all together, but this is our world today.

Click HERE for the link to Backyard Bolt VBS
Thank you and God bless
Bob Cooper
Director of Family, Youth, and Children’s Ministry
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church San Clemente, CA
949-492-6164 X226 Office
949-291-1251 Cell