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When it is hot in the summer, any beach will do - or lake, or creek or pool. At McInturff Architects, we have been designing by the water for over 30 years - on the ocean, the Bay, on lakes and rivers. Some are nearby, some in far off places. Here are a few of those.

What could be better than a getaway on the water?

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Palms and a pergola

There is so much excitement that comes from dreaming around palm trees and the promise of easier days in the sun. The Florida House below will start construction next year for previous DC clients. This is a rendering of a future pergola serving as the centerpiece to the entrance courtyard where you can see through to the water side. The Florida vacation home will also feature a double sided fireplace for chilly winters on the water.

A getaway for generations

Sited on a gentle open meadow sloping to a lake, this getaway house is designed for an extended family whose connections to the site span several generations.

On a bluff overlooking Narragansett Bay

This is our fourth house for this client, and the house they will retire in. Keeping to both its New England roots and the clients' modern taste, the house strikes a balance of the familiar and the unexpected. Plus, views.
Mark's recent sketch while hiking in the Costa Brava with his daughter, Marissa.
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