July 2019
Keep Eyes on Your Home While Away
Summer brings travel plans and the long awaited vacation time! You spend hours planning where you are going, making arrangements, and gearing up for fun activities; but don't forget to prepare your home for your absence. 

By installing Luma cameras, you can add surveillance capabilities to the inside and outside of your home. An App installed on your smart phone will allow you to view live action or watch recorded content. Luma cameras provide  crystal-clear video in Full HD and their Sense-Up technology allows you to view night time video in full color. 

Automated Lighting with Vacation Mode

Technology has far surpassed old school timers that turn the same lamp on every night. By installing Luton's RadioRA2 Select automated lighting, allows you to create different scenes both inside and outside your home, set a vacation mode, and make any necessary adjustments by using an easy to use App on your smart phone. 

Contact us online or call  (804)379-1348 to find out more about automated lighting by Lutron and Luma cameras. 

Online Bill Pay Now Available!

We are pleased to offer the convenience of secure online bill payments to our customers! Visit our website at moseleyelectronics.com and choose "Customer Center" then "Pay Invoice" or click here.

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