There are just 4 weeks left till the Summer Share begins on May 31st! That's less than one month till you will be up to your ears in strawberries, crunchy green lettuce and sweet carrots. 

We know that lots of folks schedule a vacation over the summer months. We are a little jealous, but we won't hold it against you: you can take up to 4 weeks off from the program, and when your return you'll have the credits returned to your account so you can buy some tasty extras. 

Just like a diet full of locally-grown fruits and vegetables, taking a vacation is good for you!  Here's how our Vacation Policy works:


Let us know that you're headed out of town at the very latest by Saturday afternoon the week before you intend to take off. If you know earlier, you can of course schedule it as soon as you have your dates!

Give us a heads up by phone (800) 861-8582, email, or in person at the back of the truck the week before you leave. 

You can also  sign into your account and register a vacation week yourself: 
  • Once you're in your account, select "Manage my Subscriptions."
  • Select "2017 Summer" from the dropdown menu. 
  • Click on the "Vacations" tab.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the week you will out of town and then "add this week." For multiple weeks, just do it multiple times.


You can start spending your Vacation Credits right when you get back: they will appear in your account after your registered vacation week has ended. 

During the Summer Share, that's $25-$27 per week for a Small Share and $40-$43 per week for a Large (depending on your subscription.) 


You have four full weeks to use your vacation credits up. After four weeks, the value will drop by 50%. 

If you are planning a vacation during the final weeks of the season, please let us know as soon as you've made your plans so we can make your credits available to you earlier.


Use the credits to buy extras at the back of the truck, or to place a Special Order. When shopping online, select "use credits" to pay. 

If you go over your available credits when you're shopping, the balance must be paid in full for your order to be filled. If you're shopping online, this means finishing up with a credit card. If you're at the truck, the balance can be paid with cash, check, or put "on account."


Vacation Credits can't be used to pay off a balance you already owe, towards a subscription payment or membership fee. They are also not transferrable, so all that extra purchasing power is just for you!

And like all credits, they expire at the end of the season, so use them to buy some extras you've been dying to try! Another fun idea-- use your credit to do buy a "double up" online to and get a second bag. Give that bag to a friend who you think might enjoy the share!

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If you haven't signed up yet, click here to get your subscription rolling! 

If you have-- great! Please  to anyone who might be interested in our program. 
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If you have any questions about the Summer Share, just reply to this email or give us a call-  (800) 861- 8582
4 lbs of Tomatoes per plant

Heirloom Tomatoes = summer. These speckled, striped and sweet beauties are delicious, but they're extremely difficult to grow and pack. Thankfully, we work with some amazing local farmers who don't need to worry about their prized tomatoes withstanding long hauls to grocery stores, so they can focus on flavor. Click here to read more about the joys and pitfalls of growing heirlooms.
The Summer Share 2017

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Take 4 weeks of vacation 
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