New England Vaccination Information
Update 1/11/21
Rhode Island (updated)
NECSEMA heard from RIDOH about some of its questions. They are still a few weeks away from finalizing future phases, and are considering information from its sub-committee as well as ACIP and NASEM. The mechanisms for how they will communicate vaccine opportunities will depend on pending decisions. They asked us to keep an eye out on the COVID website and news outlets, and that they would reach out when it is time through various channels such as professional organizations.

Final decisions have not yet been made about who can get vaccinated in each phase of Rhode Island’s COVID-19 vaccination program. RIDOH will share information on this page when those decisions are made. We will also describe how different groups can get vaccinated. RIDOH will engage additional stakeholders and partners in the planning process as we learn more about the availability of vaccine during each phase of the program. I have inquired if RI will be using the VAMS website and how employers will be notified of time to enroll.

New Hampshire (updated)
Good idea to make sure is not blocked. Have been some reports of this. Phase 1B is expected to begin the end of January. Those who qualify for the next round are people who are 75 years of age and older, people with health conditions that make them medically vulnerable, people who work in correctional facilities, and people and residents of facilities that serve those with disabilities. State health officials will provide instructions to the public on how to register for and access vaccination. They said that will happen through several different outlets.

It continues to appear all business, essential or not, will be in the final group of vaccinations according to this presentation by Governor Sununu just yesterday. For more information, visit:

Our industry employees will be eligible for vaccination in Phase 2 which is anticipated to begin February-March 2021. This website is an excellent resource and easy to follow: Information on where, when and how to get the vaccine will be announced publicly and posted on this website. I have asked if Massachusetts will be using the VAMS website for enrollment and how employers will be notified.

Maine is currently midway through vaccinating healthcare personnel in phase 1a. Dr. Shah said in a recent CDC briefing that Maine is only given 6 days advance notice of how many doses the state will receive in the coming week, so it is very difficult to schedule future phases or who will be in that phase. Maine is working to bring online tools to help people get scheduled. This will be a website where people can go to find available slots and sign up, much like making a reservation at a restaurant. Dr. Shah was reluctant to oversell this website, however. View from 19:45, 29:00, 48:15, 54:30 for useful information: 

Connecticut (updated)
Phase 1B registration will begin Thursday with vaccination by appointment to residents over 75 to begin 1/18. Commissioner Gifford and Gov Lamont confirmed the state will be following ACIP guidelines and include frontline workers and individuals over the age of 75 in phase 1b; and an announcement from Health and Human Services recommending that both individuals between 65 and 74 and individuals with 2 or more comorbidities also be included in phase 1b vaccinations. While the governor did verbally endorse the current Phase 1b recommendations from the Allocation Subcommittee, the governor and his team expect the final recommendations for Phase 1b to be announced in the second half of this week. Phase 1b is expected to include 800,000 people.

The Governor's team announced they will share a website and phone number for registrations on Thursday and that all vaccine administration will be by appointment only. Finally, the governor and Commissioner Gifford shared that the state will roll out a platform for some​ phase 1b sign ups in the next couple of weeks and will begin notifying some individuals in phase 1b that they can sign up for a vaccination starting next week. In previous meetings, CT DPH has mentioned they will have a public service campaign to target businesses and provide them w/ info on distribution. They have also mentioned that vaccine phase and signup info will be available on the state COVID-19 vaccine info website.

Click here to view the presentation DPH gave to the allocation committee on Tuesday. It has some additional info and break downs of distribution numbers.

CDC’s ACIP guidelines which puts convenience stores in Phase 1b and stand-along gas stations and food/fuel distribution in Phase 1c. NECSEMA is told Phase 1b process will be similar to phase 1a. In phase 1a, DPH sent a letter to providers to notify them of eligibility and request that they complete the VAMS enrollment survey, which is the start of the registration process.  The employer is responsible for designating an Employer Coordinator to register in VAMS and upload the businesses' eligible employee roster so that their staff can schedule immunization appointments.  

Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS)
This is the link to the VAMS website if your state determines it will be using it and when it notifies businesses of the time to enroll their employees. A good idea to familiarize yourself with this site.