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URMIA's Vaccination Policy at Events
Dear URMIA Members –

Happy New Year from your URMIA staff and board of directors. We so look forward to seeing and hearing from you this year. We have much planned for 2022 and we hope that you will join us online or in person. Of utmost importance during our programs, we want our members to feel safe attending our events.

Vaccination Requirement Policy
We are writing to communicate that, as of today, we are implementing a vaccination requirement for all URMIA events. We will adhere to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) definition of “fully vaccinated” and abide by any local guidance (i.e., if the local city/county requires proof of vaccination cards, we will as well). At the end of the day, it’s about the safety of our attendees and, as risk professionals, we believe this decision is the best option to bring our community together safely.

We successfully held our 52nd annual conference in Seattle this past fall with carefully created safety protocols to which our attendees adhered. It was wonderful to be together! This pandemic has made us realize how much we need each other. We plan to build upon this success at our in-person regional conferences and our hybrid annual conference in September.

We know that COVID has changed everything, and we continue to offer a robust line-up of online programs to support members who are not up to traveling (due to travel restrictions or personal reasons). We want to support our members in meaningful ways.

Continuing In-person Meetings 
One thing we know is that our association is about its members: the people of higher education risk management. To continue to serve you, we are forging forward in 2022 - keeping safety top of mind- with in-person meetings for our regional conferences and annual conference for many reasons. Among them is our ability to:
  • Communicate better in person.
  • Experience learning better in person (as practiced by K-12).
  • Create stronger connections.
  • Satisfy the need and want for people to get together face-to-face.
  • Help prioritize travel for mental well-being.
  • Build healthier individuals and businesses together. Social interaction is good for your brain health.

Technology is important and expands the tent, but the gold standard is face-to-face.

Please visit our FAQ page for the upcoming regional conferences and of course feel free to contact us with any questions.

For those who are vaccinated, we invite you to join us.

Sincerely Yours,
Jenny Whittington
URMIA Executive Director
Courtney Davis Curtis
URMIA President
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