Friends and neighbors,

With the vast volume of information out there on the vaccine rollout, I thought it might help our community to pull it together in one place.
We want to help anyone needing assistance in getting vaccinated. I've fielded a number of calls in the past few days of people getting stuck in the "VAMS Vortex" - if you need assistance, please call the office - 860-927-4627 - or email us at

Here are a number of vaccine-related information updates, including more detailed information and links to find a site and register to make an appointment to be vaccinated:

Vaccine rollout: As of today, those 55 and older may begin registering to get vaccinated. Additionally, VA Connecticut is holding two walk-in vaccination clinics for any enrolled veteran, regardless of age. Those walk-in clinics are located in Orange at the West Haven Annex, 200 Edison Road/Pez Blvd and in Newington at the Campus at 555 Willard Avenue.

The recent approval of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is good news - it comes at a pivotal time when cases of the more contagious variants are increasing, and there is concern about another uptick across the country. CT is due to receive 30,000 doses of this third vaccine this week.

Here is the balance of the rollout schedule from the governor:

  • March 22, 2021: Expands to ages 45 to 54
  • April 12, 2021: Expands to ages 35 to 44
  • May 3, 2021: Expands to ages 16 to 34

High Watch vaccination site: There is a lot of speculation around the recent removal of the High Watch vaccination site from the 211 vaccine site map search results. I reached out to the Department of Public Health and what we know is there is an open investigation with their Facilities Licensing Investigation Section, and they are on a pause as far as any new vaccination appointments, but are continuing with administering second doses to those who already had their first dose there.

Kent Station Pharmacy is in the process of becoming a vaccination site, which is great news. When we have more details, we will share out.

Registering/finding a location: There are a number of ways to register, and with the number of people wanting to be vaccinated, be patient - it may take a while to find a location with available appointments. Here are some tips and websites to help cut down on ending up down an internet rabbit hole:

It is recommended to first see where vaccination sites are near you. There are two good ways to find this information:
  1. Through the map on the 211 website where you will see a map and corresponding list. Click on one of the red map points and details about the site will pop up in the list. From there you can click through to the specific website for more information on how to register.
  2. Browse to the CT COVID Vaccine Finder website where you type in your zip code and the number of miles you would like to search, and a list will populate by closest to the zip code you searched.

There are multiple ways to register to make an appointment:
  • Through your healthcare system - Hartford Health, Nuvance, and Bristol Health are assisting their current patients with registration.
  • Through the State of CT online VAMS portal - Click on this link for step-by-step instructions to register in the portal. Once you register, you will receive an email invitation to register and make an appointment. (be sure to check your spam/junk folder for this email - we have been receiving many reports of not getting the email invite, only to find it in their spam or junk folders).
  • Through the CT Vaccine Assistance hotline - call 877-918-2224 between 8:00a-8:00p, seven days a week, if you prefer to make an appointment by phone. Please note: this line only books appointments to a limited number of mass vaccination sites, all of which are a distance from Kent.
  • Through CVS or Walgreens pharmacies - A number of locations in New Milford, Torrington and Litchfield have vaccination sites at their pharmacies. These will populate on the CT COVID Vaccine Finder website and you can register through their pharmacy websites.

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